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Counter Directional Steering Tutorial 2

Riders often struggle with jumps when the jumps are in very close proximity to turns. This short tutorial focuses on how to make a turn immediately following a jump.

In order to counter-steer, it’s essential that you are already comfortable with the basics of jumping. Start with a small jump into a turn. Upon approach, stay relaxed and centered on the bike. Once airborne, turn your bars very slightly in the opposite direction of the upcoming turn and direct your shoulders and chest slightly in the direction of the turn. As you crest to the arc’s highest point, simply turn your bars back toward the turn you’re going to take. You have essentially turned your body in the air. Then land and hit the turn with confidence.

As with any new technique, start small and work your way up to bigger and bigger terrain. For more information on this and other techniques, check out Fluidride’s feature length digital downloads “Flow-Tonic” and “Fluidride: Like a Pro” available on iTunes and Amazon. More information and instructional advice can also be found at:

Credit: Diamondback // Fluidride
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