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  • Flashback - Superco Silencer Prototype DH Bike
    Flashback - Superco Silencer Prototype DH Bike (photo album)

    Posted by sspomer on 10/21/2014 6:53 PM

  • AMAZING!!!

    The Good:

    This is my fifth DJ frame, and as Von said, it will probably be my last. Hands down, if you match the Match this frame with a light and lowered fork, it is the best handling Dirt Jumper ever! If you need to know anything about building the bike, Doc has all the answers. It was a pleasure dealing Doc and the Go-Ride Crew.

    The Bad:

    The worst thing about this bike is not being able to ride it every day.

    Overall Review: I purchased this frame without ever riding it, I based my decision based on reviews like this, the personal attention I received from Doc, the perfect geometry, and the sexy look of the bike. It was the best bike purchase I have ever made.

    Posted by SuperCo64 on 3/17/2011 4:57 PM

  • Just right.

    The Good:

    Light, tight, super fun bike. Doc's been at it a long time. This is the culmination of everything he's learned and it shows. You would have a very hard time finding another frame with this kind of fit and finish. The guy refuses to do anything he doesn't absolutely believe in. Perfectionist almost to a fault.

    The Bad:

    Disappointed that it's big brother isn't in production.

    Overall Review: See above. It's all good news.

    Posted by w00dy on 11/16/2010 9:04 PM

  • Put a bib on, you are going to drool.

    The Good:

    I had a chance to take a spin on a Charger at the Whistler sandpiles last season. After cruising the big set with greater ease than ever before, I had no doubt it was time to retire my old frame. Soon after I had my very own XL Charger. Tight geo., slammed stays, low standover, clean and simple. I love my XL Charger, you will too.

    The Bad:

    The clearcoat is so pretty I'm scared to scratch it..? No seriously, I really don't know.

    Overall Review: If you test one, be prepared to buy one. Because it will happen. Dialed, pretty, makes you a better rider. Plain and simple.

    Posted by DBibbins on 3/16/2010 8:44 PM

  • The last hardtail I'll ever own

    The Good:

    I rode one of Doc's first prototypes, and within minutes I knew this was the frame I was going to own. I tried to give him cash right that moment, but he wanted to wait until the bikes were actually done. Love the clean lines, tight geometry, and smooth ride. Just awesome.

    The Bad:

    I originally had the regular frame, and my size 11's didn't clear the tire on barspins. Once I got the XL frame, that was fixed. If you have size 11's, and like to spin the bars, go with the XL frame.

    Someone needs to give Doc a CNC machine so he can include chain tensioners with the frame. Those tight little dropouts make finding the perfect tensioner a bit tough. Doc has some good recommendations for now, but that was the hardest part of my assembly of the bike.

    Overall Review: The frame is super dialed. If you get a chance to ride one of these, consider the fact, that once you have ridden it, you won't want any other frame.

    Posted by VWilliams on 3/16/2010 10:31 AM

  • Charger
    Superco Charger Hardtail Frame (product)

    6 member reviews

    Price: $715.00

  • a joy to ride

    The Good:

    handmade in the u.s.a, awesome geometry...feels just like a bmx bike with big wheels. rides like a dream

    The Bad:

    seatpost diameter is less-than common, but nothing impossible to find.

    Overall Review: i have a smile on my face every time i ride this frame. it was worth every penny.

    Posted by sspomer on 3/11/2010 9:56 PM

  • Well done SuperCo

    The Good:

    The geometry is dialed - it spins, flips, and boosts so easily. It's simple, solid, and quiet, and for a dirt/skatepark/street machine, I couldn't ask for more. Also, the fact that it is handmade really stands out; a quick glance at the welds is enough to see that Doc put his heart into it!

    The Bad:

    Needs one more cable tie on the top tube. No biggie really.

    Overall Review: SuperCo NAILED it with this gorgeous bike. The Charger is hands down the nicest ride I have ever owned. This is a bike I'll be on for many years to come.

    Posted by bturman on 3/11/2010 9:07 PM