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Park Tool Shop Cone Wrench

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Outstanding but not bombproof

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The Good:

Precise sizing,
High quality finish,
Comfortable handles,
Wide range of sizes

The Bad:

Can dent and bend in extreme use

Overall Review:

I’ve owned my Park Tool cone wrenches for more than 5 years and I do have to say, I am quite impressed.


I’ve used them for hub service, install pedals on the fly, and even suspension top caps. I really like how there is little to no play when placing them on the head of bolts; in other words, the sizing accuracy is outstanding. They are incredibly thin and have a finish that hasn’t shown any significant signs of ware, even after 5 years of use. Pretty impressive if you ask me. They come with a vinyl dipped cover that makes the handle very comfortable, even when loosening the tightest of bolts. Although I currently don’t own ever size, Park Tool makes these wrenches in ever size you would ever need from 13-24mm, 26mm, and 28mm.

They are the only brand, to my knowledge, that manufactures such a wide range.

My only issue I have had with these is that I have had a few of the faces dent from over torqueing bolts.


This happened early on and I have adjusted my wrenching habits and this denting has no longer been an issue. When using these cone wrenches within their designed purpose, they are spot on and are made to last. Maybe that is why Park Tool backs them up with a lifetime warranty, just as long as they are used correctly.


Hands down I would recommend these wrenches to a beginner and/or even experienced shop monkey.

Park Tool Shop Cone Wrench Review

The Good:

Accurate, thin, durable

The Bad:

Can be damaged if used on pedals or with unique sized nuts.

Overall Review:

Overall I think these cone wrenches are a great value, they are very accurate when used with higher quality components and I have yet to have slipping issues when used correctly. The rubber handles are nice and allow for a bit more comfort when being held and look pretty sweet when hung up on the wall with the "Park Tool Blue". The wrenches come in a wide variety of sizes to match any job and work much better than other brands I have used that have softer metals that will deform easily.

On a side note some brands use their own hubs that tend to have lower manufacturing tolerances and in turn you can get weird sized wrench flats. The hubs are meant to be adjusted or taken apart using a cone wrench, but when measured with a caliper they are a half size. For example I was working on a hub that measured 16.7 on my calipers, the 17mm cone wrench slipped and damaged both the flats and the wrench, but a 16mm was too small. Moral of the story, buy higher quality components and you won't have this issue. I also had a friend try to use one of the cone wrenches to remove his pedals which deformed the metal and made the fit a bit sloppy on future jobs. If you use the cone wrenches correctly you will not have these issues though, I just wanted to point out somethings I noticed.

Buying a complete set of these wrenches will set you back a bit, but if taken care of they should last a long time and really do a great job if used as designed. Park Tool is my go too brand for Bike specific tools and their cone wrenches are on par with the rest of their lineup. Definitely worth the buy if you are adjusting hubs on a regular basis.

A Must Have For Hub Services

The Good:

Thin, Accurate, Comfortable

The Bad:

Metal is a little soft

Overall Review:

These wrenches are outstanding, I bought a set about 6 months ago and have been using them for all kinds of bike services, but they are especially handy when overhauling hubs. This is due to their durability and extreme thinness. The rubber coated handles are also very comfortable which is great for saving your when it comes to tight hubs. The wrenches themselves are very accurate which is great for keeping your hubs and other hardware in good shape as well as giving you extra leverage. On a negative note I would not recommend these for removal and installation of pedals, the metal these are made from is not the hardest and due to their thin profile they can dent/bend if used for this application, you are better off using a pedal wrench ;). All in all, a very good product, and I would highly recommend them.


Product Park Tool Shop Cone Wrench
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous Park Tool Shop Cone WrenchThe new SCW-23 uses the same “Y” head design and industrial phosphate finish as all our shop cone wrenches, but in a 23mm size to fit Shimano 15mm thru axle hubs.The new SCW-24 uses the same “Y” head design and industrial phosphate finish as all our shop cone wrenches. Fits Shimano 15mm thru axle front hubs and the 24mm size to fit many suspension fork top caps.
Price $8.06
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