OneUp Components EDC Pumps

OneUp Components EDC 70cc Pump (bottle cage mount)
C70_oneup_components_edc_70cc_pump_bottle_cage_mount C70_oneup_components_edc_100cc_pump_bottle_cage_mount C70_oneup_components_edc_70cc_pump_side C70_oneup_components_edc_70cc_pump_tool_section C70_oneup_components_edc_70cc_pump_co2_section C70_oneup_components_edc_100cc_pump_co2_section C70_oneup_components_edc_100cc_pump_tool_section C70_oneup_components_edc_100cc_pump_front C70_oneup_components_edc_100cc_pump_open C70_oneup_components_edc_co2_head C70_oneup_components_edc_co2_head C70_oneup_components_edc_co2_head_assembled C70_oneup_components_edc_100cc_pump_cap
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Product OneUp Components EDC Pumps
Tool Type On Trail
Features Made from 6061-T6 aluminum with a durable textured machined finish.
Fully sealed, weatherproofed internals.
Integrated CO2 inflator.
Fast-On Head (presta only) - no threads or locking levers.
Includes bottle cage mount.
Compatible with the EDC Multitool and EDC Plug and Pliers Kit (100cc size only).
Available in 2 sizes: high volume 100cc or compact 70cc.
Miscellaneous High Volume 100cc
Holds EDC Multiool and a 20g CO2 / or / EDC Tool and the Storage Capsule
1-1/4" diameter x 10" length (32mm dia x 254mm)
Weight: 160g (without EDC Multitool)

Compact 70cc
Holds EDC Multiool (no Storage Capsule) / or / a 20g CO2
1-1/4" diameter x 7" length (32mm x 178mm)
Weight: 135g (without EDC Multitool)
  • $55
  • $59
More Info

​The EDC (Everyday Carry) Pump offers a unique storage solution integrated into a high volume pump. It is designed to integrate with the EDC Multitool, a CO2 canister, or your favorite stash.

For more info, visit the OneUp Components website.

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