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Lezyne HV Drive

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 Lezyne HV Drive  Lezyne HV Drive  Lezyne HV Drive  Lezyne HV Drive  Lezyne HV Drive  Lezyne HV Drive
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Good backup for CO2

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Small, lightweight, flex hose

The Bad:

Takes a while to inflate tires, assembly and disassembly

Overall Review:

I always carry two CO2 cartridges and an inflator in my pack for flats, but honestly with my tubeless setup it has not been a major issue. When I became a mountain bike trail guide however and the whole fleet had tubed tires, I knew I needed a backup pump in case I ran out of CO2 or a situation required a hand pump. I picked up this pump because of the size primarily, it packs down to a small size that can always be in the bottom of a pack for emergencies, but that does not get in the way. One of the best features in my opinion is the flexible hose, it allows the user to pump more easily, and prevents the valve stem from breaking, which can happen with pumps that go right on the stem, if the user is not careful. It claims to be a high volume pump, but because of its size, it will still take a while to air up a tire, especially compared to a C02 cartridge. While I do like how simple the pump is when packed away, the fact that you have to take the hose out, and screw it into the pump does mean it takes a while longer to put together and at the end put away. Overall this pump seems to be high quality, and the price is not terrible. I would not use it as my everyday pump, but it is a good backup, and gives me extra piece of mind when riding incase my CO2 does not work. 

Perfect backpack pump

The Good:

-Durable materials
-Parts are interchangeable with the other Lezyne pumps

The Bad:

-Nothing to say after 8 years of use!

Overall Review:

Back in the days, I used to have a Zefal pump with a little hose that I coud screw on. Then I have lost it somewhere, and bought a new direct-attach pump, which always bugged me when I bumped my hands in the spokes, or when it undid itself from the valve while inflating a new tube on the side of the trail. Many years after, I stumbled on Lezyne pumps and found what I loved about my old pump :the Flex hose.

I have both a Pressure drive for my road/commuter bike and the HV Drive for my mtb pack. This HV drive has been in my backpack for many years and I have nothing wrong to say about it. It's small, lightish, durable, and has the double-sided Flex hose that hides in the pump's body. You can inflate both schreader and presta valves by using one or the other end of the hose. Since one end screws into the pump and the other on the valve, there is no air loss and the pump doesn't undo itself from the valve when inflating. This makes trail side repairs less irritating.

At first, I thought that the plastic threads in the pump's end would be problematic, but they have never deteriorated even after many years of using this pump even at home to inflate all my bike tires. The seals, orings and Flex hose have all stayed fresh and nothing has dried yet. This means that the pump still works like new and I can trust it all the time. I have just found out that Lezyne have a smaller version of this pump so I might grab one to use inside my Camlebak Repack bum bag to save some space as the HV Drive fits but takes most of the pack's width. 

I'm going to have to give this product five stars since I can't find any flaw yet after 8 years of use! Like many Lezyne products, it's intelligently-made, durable, and reasonably-priced.


Product Lezyne HV Drive
Tool Type On Trail
Features ​Compact, lightweight hand pump with efficient overlapping composite matrix handle.
CNC machined aluminum barrel and piston optimized for high volume applications.
Equipped with the ABS Flex hose.
Presta and Schrader valve compatible.
Includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount.
Miscellaneous Small: 170mm | 94g
Medium: 216mm | 109g
Colors: Silver, Black, Pearl White
Max: 90psi | 6.2bar
Price $28.99
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