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Axiom Annihilateair G200LE Floor Pump

Vital Rating: (Excellent)
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Tested: Axiom Annihilateair G200LE Floor Pump

Rating: Vital Review

by Colt Maule

Axiom is committed to helping cyclists ride more and live better, and they have been at it for 25 years. Their products are designed and tested by avid cyclists, so every minute detail is painstakingly considered before a final design is approved. Axiom relentlessly pursue new ways to reduce their footprint, using environmentally sensitive processes and materials in all of their products and packaging. With that background, I was curious to see what they can bring to us riders, so I put their Annihilateair G200LE floor pump to the test.


Annihilateair G200LE Pump Highlights

  • 13 x 9-inch powder coated aluminum base with pedal pins for traction
  • 25-inch blasted 6063-T6 aluminum barrel
  • Aluminum CLAMPDOWN handle with LOCKDOWN grips
  • Chrome pump shaft
  • HEADRUSH DLX dual-valve connector to fit Schrader and Presta valves
  • Precision bleed valve
  • Head storage clip
  • 52-inch hose
  • Oversized 2.5-inch 200psi gauge
  • Weight: 3.75-pounds
  • MSRP: $111.00

Initial Impressions

It's just a floor pump, right? Not this bad boy... it's like the monster truck of floor pumps! Pulling the Annihilateair out of its box immediately put a smile on my face. The lock on grips, oversized PSI gauge, durable chrome pump shaft, and beefy base riddled with pedal pins all tell of a pump that means business.


First impressions are important, and it looks cool and all, but how would that translate to performance? The key is finding the balance between quality, size, stability, efficiency and price. Good ol' floor pumps are an absolute necessity for any faithful cyclist and as a daily trail rider, I made sure to put this floor pump to good use over the last couple of months to find out if it walks the walk too.


On The Trail and In The Shop

The Annihilateair looks good, and is easy to use. The HEADRUSH DLX dual-valve connector fits easily on both Schrader and Presta valves just as advertised. You simply put the valve connector on the valve, turn the locking lever, and start pumping away. The pump provides adequate air volume with little effort and allows for precise air adjustment via a button on the valve connector. The PSI gauge proved accurate with every use. The pump is also capable of seating a tubeless tire. I did notice, however, that it is quite difficult to turn the locking lever into and out of the locking position.

The 52" pump hose is long enough to reach your tires whether the bike is on the ground or in the repair stand, and it stores away nicely providing a convenient lock for the pump handle. The large aluminum base provides a stable platform for operating the pump in almost any terrain. This base, with its oversized and very grippy pedal pins proved to be one of the pump's strongest features, although as with many great things there comes a compromise. The large base was at times bulky and difficult to stash away in a vehicle or roof top cargo box, making it not entirely ideal for transport.


Some of my shorter female friends used the pump and commented how the pump extension was meant for a tall person. However, regardless of a user's height, the pump worked properly even without the handle being extended to the full 50".

The price on this pump is a little steep for my taste, but after using it in the field and experiencing its quality first hand, I now understand it's a pump that should last longer than you own most bikes, bar excessive abuse (more on that later). Overall, the pump performed well throughout the test, and I really liked it. Using this pump even makes the tedious task of tire inflation kinda fun...


Things That Could Be Improved

I did find one weak spot... towards the end of testing I managed to set the pump down perfectly on a partially buried rock and it hit the underside of the gauge in just the right spot to where the gauge popped out and broke at the brass connection to the pump. Up until that point, I felt as though the pump was bullet proof. On the upside, there is a lifetime warranty on the pump and I'm expecting my replacement part to show up in the near future.


Axiom is aware of the potential issue and future pumps will have an aluminum plate on the bottom to protect the gauge from intrusions from the ground. Despite that mishap, I was stilled pleased with the performance of the pump, and it should be noted that it takes a combination of good aim and bad luck to reproduce this breakage. Additionally, I'd like to see the locking action of the valve lever become a bit smoother.

Long Term Durability

Over the two month test period I lugged this pump around throughout my travels. It was tossed into truck beds, under back seats, and in and out of rooftop storage boxes in addition to pumping up many a tire at the trailheads. The pump still works just as well as it did on day one and barely has a scratch to show for it all, bar the aforementioned freak incident with the guage. In fact, this pump is so manly I was more concerned with the large aluminum base and pedal pins causing damage to my other gear. To avoid that, I often placed a towel between the pump and my other gear.

What's The Bottom Line?

The Annihilateair is a cool pump that does the job, no question. If you're a bells and whistles kind of person who doesn't mind paying a bit of a premium for your tools, it is awesome. The lock on grips and metal pump shaft are solid and comfortable. The large base with pedal pins, combined with an oversized PSI gauge that you can see from space, made this pump stand out among many others I have used. It's complete with some fun bike bling, and its performance makes it ideal for a garage or workshop. If you're looking for something compact and travel convenient, this pump may not be right for you.

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About The Reviewer

Colt Maule's mountain biking roots took hold during his youth in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, and bikes have been a part of his life from that point on. Over the past four years, he has submersed himself completely in the world of mountain biking. He travels full time to numerous trail systems and mountainous locations that generally put his long travel or extra squish suspension to good use. Since he spends quite a bit of time in new areas, it's a common theme for Colt to be riding a trail for the first time, pinned with local riders. No matter where he is, his trail style keeps him constantly accelerating; whether he's manualing, popping off rocks and rollers, or railing corners. He's probably happiest though, on a good, technical descent. The benefit of riding a mountain bike full time for a living, in continually changing locations, accompanied by his demanding riding style allows Colt to put his products to the test in every situation.


Product Axiom Annihilateair G200LE Floor Pump
Tool Type For the Garage
Features Ultra-Stable-(320mm x 235mm) Power Coated Aluminum Base with Pedal Pins for Extra Traction // 630mm Blasted 6063-T6 Aluminum Barrel // Aluminum CLAMPDOWN Handle with LOCKDOWN Grips // Super Hard Engineering Chrome Pump Shaft // HEADRUSH DLX Dual-Valve Connector Instantly Fits Schrader and Presta Valves // Precision Bleed Valve - Ideal for Use on Tubeless Tires // Alloy Valve Caps // Head Storage Clip // 132cm Extra-Long Premium Quality Hose // Oversized 63.5mm 200 psi Guage
Miscellaneous Lifetime Warranty for Original Purchaser
Price $111
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