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Landscapes is a film series that celebrates and depicts the fruit of the Earth's time and toils with the elements that have helped to create and shape the terrain we mountain bike across today. Landscapes Vol.4 takes you on a visual journey through the rocky and unique geography of South Mountain Park in Phoenix, AZ.

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SICK BIKE!! Can't wait to ride with you shredders again!!

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Tucked away in the Zuni Mountains just outside of Gallup, NM, the Quaking Aspen Trail meanders through lofty Ponderosa and mixed tree forest. When exploring the trail in the descent-oriented, counter-clockwise direction, the trail dives into twisting single track, through flower-specked meadows, wrapping and whisking down the rolling contours of the arid, mountainous landscape. The Quaking Aspen Trail offers a bit of variation of terrain throughout the duration of the trail. Your tires will traverse segments of slick rock, snug corners, and plenty of rocks and natural rollers to pop off of and play around along the way. There are a couple of short, up hill bursts to conquer, but nothing to strenuous to alter the flow of the ride. At 3.5 miles one way and accessible at the Hilso Trailhead in the Cibola National Forest, the Quaking Aspen Trail can be ridden as an out and back or connected with other trails for alternate and extended rides. This trail system is excellent for those looking to experience the tranquility of the forest on some peaceful, flowing single track without the crowds. It's a wonderful place for all skill levels and to take the family riding and camping. The trail is open to hikers, and there is a fair chance of encountering some wildlife while out exploring the trails. Overall, the Quaking Aspen Trail and it's brethren are a welcome escape from the heat of the lower-lying, surrounding semi-arid, desert-ish climate of Gallup, NM.

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Overlooking the Prescott Valley, Trail 533 barrels down Mingus Mountain, leaving dust-clouded wide open, high speed segments in it's wake. The trail travels through pine forests that share common ground with cactus and agave, with an occasional rock garden thrown in the mix.  It's as if at times Trail 533 can't make up it's mind if it wants to be fast and smooth, or loose and skittery. The trail keeps riders on their toes, faces plastered with adrenaline fueled grins. Trail 533 is a good introduction to the loose and sometimes rocky terrain on offer here, and can be enjoyed by riders of varying skill levels. The trail is relatively straightforward, with a few man made features and plenty of natural hits to add extra spice to the ride. The trail is is multi-use, so do your best not to bowl over the occasional trekker-pole laden hiker, especially in the bench cut sections. Trail 533 can be shuttled with the squishy bikes. It can also be ridden or connected with as an out and back on a more pedal appropriate ride for differing mountain biking experiences. Rideable nearly year round, the trails found in the Mingus Mountain Recreation Area are a refreshing escape from the lower lying desert regions.

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Rad shot Devon!!

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Rippin! Love this trail.

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MRP guide, nice.

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