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Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost

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 Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost  Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost  Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost  Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost  Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost  Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost
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Great seat post for the price

Rating: Featured Member Review
Great seat post for the price
The Good:

-Works perfectly
-Reliable and easy to rebuild

The Bad:

-A bit of rotational play

Overall Review:

My new bike came without a dropper post and I was looking to cheapest dropper possible to fit within my complete build. My criteria were: as cheap as possible, easy to rebuild at home, sealed damper for less maintenance and easy to find replacement parts. That’s quite a list for an affordable dropper seat post, but I knew that there was something checking all the boxes. The X-Fusion Manic, PNW Bachelor and One Up dropper posts were close, but I couldn’t find them as cheap as the Brand-X. The Ascend is almost exactly the same as the PNW’s Bachelor seat post, but it could be found cheaper at the time.

Cheapest dropper on the market and great performance to boot!


For the 120mm drop model, I get 420mm total length including the cable/cylinder actuator mechanism, so this was perfect for my frame’s insertion. I could have gone to a 150mm drop with shorter crank arms, but I only have 20mm of play, so it would have been really tight.

With the very detailed instructions from PNW’s website Components (their Bachelor dropper post share many common parts with the Brand X), I have opened up the post before using it to make sure it was well lubed. You only need a crescent wrench, a hex key and a strap wrench (it might be alright without one) to rebuild it, and the small parts (keyways, bushing) are available aftermarket. Everything was surprisingly well greased, so I reassembled it, installed, stretched and re-tightened my cable, and I was good to go. 

The lever works well and blends nicely with less obtrusive brake levers.

There is a little adjustment barrel on the lever, but pre-stretching the cable gave me more adjustment at the lever in case I’d need it. It’s much simpler to adjust it with a few turns of the barrel adjuster instead of removing the post and re-tightening the cable at the mechanism. I did put a strip of clear adhesive vinyl on my bar underneath the dropper post’s lever to help it grip, so I didn’t need to tighten it too much to stop it from rotating. With my brake lever’s clamp being bulky, I had to position the dropper’s lever a little farther inboard than I’d like, but it shouldn’t be a problem with higher-end brake levers. The two-bolt saddle rail clamp offers a lot of adjustment, and a really tight grip on the rails. Once tightened to specs, I never felt anything come loose. 


I did not need to open the post at all during the whole season, and it saw a lot of muddy and sandy rides. I wiped it clean after every ride, and I didn’t feel any roughness inside that would make me want to open it. It still works as new. The black stanchion finish is durable and shows no sign of wear, and the lever held up great. I don't remember if it had the rotational play in the beginning, but as picky as I am, it did not bother me. The play is very minimal, and as long as it keeps working well, that's something I easily accept at that price. The double-bolt saddle rail clamp is really sturdy and never creaked of all summer even with a lot of mud flying on it.

The black stanchion coating is very durable and resistant to mud and grime.


I think that once installed properly with good cable tension and without overtightening the lever bolt, it’s pretty much a set and forget component that will give at least a whole season of riding without any maintenance. That’s exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a dropper seat post!


x-ratedly good quality

A cheap but reliable dropper

The Good:

Cheap, reliable, and no unwanted dropping

The Bad:

Slight rotational play (unnoticeable), the lever sucks - replace asap!

Overall Review:

So it's true, I'm one of those guys that went for a shop home-brand when choosing my first full-suss - and Vitus by Chain Reaction seemed an obvious choice. I was however, a little concerned about the spec of the dropper, but for the price I couldn't really quibble. It arrived and after some slight tweaks to the cable tension from the slightly dodgy build I found it to be a godsend compared to what I was doing with a quick release every time we were going to climb/descend. I have quite long inside legs, but found the drop height was more than adequate when descending steep, technical terrain, to getting back on the climb to re-do the fun bit.

The only main issue was the lever, this thing was obviously built on the cheap - it is flimsy, wobbles and finally snapped, so I replaced with a £15 Bontrager lever and the dropper got even better - with a much smoother action and less pressure needed to initiate.

Ditch this quickly and you're set for life!

Ok so I haven't used any other one before, but I honestly don't see what more you could want - this dropper post has been 100% reliable after 3 years, with no need to re-gas/rebuild. It's left me laughing at my poor sucker friends and their constantly sagging RockShox reverbs, and have even converted one to buying a Brand-X to replace theirs after many issues (they also love it).

Cheap, cheerful, looks good and works - what more could you want!?


Product Brand-X Ascend Dropper Seatpost
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Seatpost Type Dropper
Interface Railed
Remote Adjustable Yes, ergonomic lever ideally suited for 1x derailleur setup
Diameter 30.9mm, 31.6mm
Travel 120mm
Length 410mm
Tilt 2-bolt micro adjustable head, zero offset
Materials AL7075-T651
Colors Sand blasted and hard anodized black
Weight 1 lb 3.4 oz (550 g)
Miscellaneous Weight without cable and shifter, 31.6mm
Cable operated
Internal cable routing
Price $190.49
More Info

Chain Reaction Cycles website

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