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Avid G2 CleanSweep Rotor

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Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor

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The Good:

Strong, durable, good value

The Bad:

Noisy, real noisy.

Overall Review:

With each disc brake, there needs to be a rotor. Just like all the disc brakes out there, there are a ton of rotors to choose from. That being said, below are my impressions of the Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor, ridden on Avid Elixir R brakes:


Out of the box:

The Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor has been around for quite a number of years and has really get a standard for what a rotor should be. Made from heat treated steel, they are built to handle all the braking force you can throw at it. It comes with a nice vented design that is meant to cool the braking system as quickly as possible while reducing weight. For what they are designed for, they are pretty good at doing their job.

203mm size


185mm size

160mm size


If you go into any bike shop or on any pinkbike forum and ask about Avid brakes, at least one person will bring up the squealing nature they sometimes have. To say that all brakes don’t squeal would be lying but it does seem that avids do their fair share of it.

Center to this noise is the relationship between the brake pad and rotor. Although you can’t always eliminate the noise completely, there is one tip that I’ve used on Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor that tends to do the best job. After you start hearing that noise, take off your wheel and with a clean rag, drip some isopropyl alcohol onto it and lightly clean the rotor. You’ll see a dirty dark residue left on the rag. Allow the rotor to dry and then reinstall. Doing this simple trick helps minimize the noise that these rotors are so commonly known for.


Bottom Line:

The Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor is a decent rotor. When it first came out it really set the bar for what rotors should be. However, some rotors have progressed since then (mostly in the noise department). That being said, with a little cleaning here and there, one can keep the noise down pretty well and in return, have a good, durable rotor. 

Avid Rotor

The Good:

Simple trouble free rotor. Stays straight as well. I have had it on a dirt jump bike with Hope M4 brakes. have no trouble with this rotor at all. Rotor was used with Avid mechanical brakes before the Hope's. Thought I might need to get a new rotor for M4's but this one has worked great.

The Bad:

No issues to speak of.

Overall Review:

Nice simple rotor. Can also be a good low cost back-up rotor for travel.


Product Avid G2 CleanSweep Rotor
Material Steel
Diameter 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 203mm
Disc Mount Type 6 Bolt
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Compatible with both road and mountain bike brakes
Bolt material: steel
  • $40
  • $50
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SRAM/Avid Website

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