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Troy Lee Designs 2013 Ruckus Short (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular) Vital Rating: (Outstanding)
Ruckus Short Black
 Troy Lee Designs 2013 Ruckus Short  Troy Lee Designs 2013 Ruckus Short  Troy Lee Designs 2013 Ruckus Short  Troy Lee Designs 2013 Ruckus Short
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Tested: Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Shorts

Rating: Vital Review

Review by Joe Schneider // Photos by Brandon Turman

Troy Lee Designs dubs the Ruckus short the "jack of all trades," meaning they complement riders who dabble in everything. I'm one of those riders, and I've spent over seven months riding anything and everything in them. During that time the look has changed slightly, but these shorts deserve a chance in the spotlight.


Ruckus Short Highlights

  • Two-way stretch, lightweight, breathable 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex mix material
  • Removable chamois liner
  • Full waist and hip height adjustment via micro fiber waist adjusters
  • High quality ribbed Spandex stretch panel
  • Unique leg length adjustment feature ensures personalized fit
  • Reflective rear detail for added visibility
  • Pedal friendly side pockets with content security panel
  • Zippered front media pocket with YKK brand zipper
  • Ergonomic MTB specific cut and fit
  • MSRP $110


Initial Impressions

Out of the box, I was stoked with what I picked up. The Ruckus shorts were light, flexible and durable feeling. I dug the fact that the chamois was removable, and the two articles of clothing could move independently of one another. The last thing I noticed was how basic they were, at least at first glance. In my opinion basic is a good thing - there were no bulky patches, sewn on graphics, or excess layers of material from numerous pockets and vents. All of which may never be used or of much value to the end user. Right off the bat, I was very satisfied with my initial impression and excited to ride in them. Could these be the ultimate riding shorts?

On The Trail

Taking to the dirt, I was immediately comfortable and pleased that there was no break-in period required. The short material was indeed light feeling and effortless to move; plus, between the seat and the chamois the short material didn’t bunch up or feel bulky.


Going through the shorts from the ground up, the provided features were all useful or had value:

The leg length was great - long enough to not feel like an XC racer baggy, but not too long that they got in the way. They come with a second hemmed section so you can cut about an inch off the length. That is not what I was after with my 32-inch inseam, but it may be nice for riders with shorter legs.

There are only two pockets on the shorts - one on either side, and in the standard pocket location. One has a zipper and the other one doesn’t. They aren't huge. At first I was skeptical of the small pockets, but then I saw the function. Being smaller, about iPhone size, they keep everything close. Your stuff never slaps your legs and you instantly forget there is anything in your pockets when you start riding. They give you just enough capacity to carry the essentials and prevent the ride from feeling like a hiking trip.

The chamois is nice - it is not too bulky and provides enough cushion for longer rides. It doesn’t make up for a poorly conditioned behind, but is good on the longer pedals. The pad doesn’t get in the way while standing or descending.Seven months worth of rides later, I have no complaints with the chamois and haven't chafed.

Finally, TLD placed two snaps above the Velcro fly and an elastic adjustable strap on each hip. The micro fiber waist adjusters are infinitely adjustable within their range, and provide a bit of stretch to compensate for the change in diameter of your gut from seated to standing. I typically wear a size 31, but due to the fact that they're only offered in even sizes, I went with the 32. It was a good choice, and the waist adjusters provided enough adjustability for me.


Things That Could Be Improved

The only major thing that could be improved is having zippers on both of the main pockets. It would add peace of mind about not losing anything. I used both pockets equally, but did lose two things during all my rides, and I believe it was while seated in a shuttle van.

Although it is minor, sometimes pedaling while seated with my dropper post down, the bottom of the short will get stuck on top of kneepads. It is not an issue while standing or pedaling with the seat up.

Long Term Durability

Durability seems to be top notch.I usually hang them to dry, and the color is still bold after seven month of use. The stitching hasn’t begun to fail and I don’t have any rips. They get top marks in this department.


What's The Bottom Line?

I have done dozens of 6+ hour trail rides, ridden lift access bike park laps all day, raced several enduro events, ridden through bushes and branches and slid on the ground like baseball players wish they could. And guess what? These shorts still look nearly new. The bottom line is that I'm satisfied. You get what you pay for with the Ruckus shorts - good construction, essential features, and stylish comfort wherever you may want to ride.

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About The Reviewer

Joe Schneider grew up in Durango, Colorado. Beginning in 2002, at the age of 13, he started riding mountain bikes and racing in the local race series. One thing led to another and he eventually made it into the mid-ranks of the pro cross-country field. Collegiate racing shed light on technical riding and he began to pursue longer travel bikes and most recently dirt bikes. He enjoys smashing through rocks or getting loose on flowy singletrack. Ultimately the alpine shuttle is his favorite, with a couple thousand feet of climbing and two or three times that in descending. He is currently a Mechanical Engineer who designs tools to blow things up. He loves to ride snowmobiles, motos, and mountain bikes whenever possible with his lady and many good friends. As a practiced mechanic, he enjoys spending the remainder of his free time fixing and maintaining all of his rides.

Lightweight mtb shorts

The Good:

Fits great and looks good

The Bad:

zipper pocket is pretty small and hard to get your hand in

Overall Review:

These shorts look good, fit nicely, and have adjustable features like waist Velcro straps and a hem which can be shortened if you want (I left it as is). I wear my own padded shorts underneath so this review is only looking at the shorts, not the liner that comes included.

The shorts that I've used that I don'twear much anymore are either too heavy (meaning thick fabric which gets hot in the summer), or are overloaded with features. I carry a small pack and so having cargo pockets for hauling gear is not needed. Thinner fabric and lack of bulky fabric helps a lot on the hot summer days around here. Again, this is what I like so you may prefer pockets to stash stuff.

The only thing I haven't tested out is how well it handles a crash (thankfully). The fabric is relatively thin and could shred if you land on rocks but overall these hold up fine to the minor scrape against bushes and branches. You might want to check out TLDs ace or moto shorts if you want something to hold up to crazy abuse.

If you're into wearing your riding shorts all day around town and going to the grocery store then maybe these aren't the best either.  The loud color (I have the neon green) and lack of pockets to stash your wallet and phone make these best for on the bike.

While not perfect in every aspect and the styling may not be for everyone, they are exactly what I look for in a pair of shorts so I'm giving it a full 5 stars!


Product Troy Lee Designs 2013 Ruckus Short
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park
Shorts Type
Material 2-Way Stretch Lightweight Breathable 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex Mix
Pockets Side Hand Pockets and Zippered Front Media Pocket
Vents Holes on Thigh
Size 30, 32, 34, 36, or 38
Colors Black, Blue, White, or Fluorescent Yellow
Miscellaneous Removable Chamois Liner // Full Waist and Hip Height Adjustment Via Micro Fiber Waist Adjusters // Ribbed Spandex Stretch Panel // Leg Length Adjustment Feature Ensures Personalized Fit // Reflective Rear Detail for Added Visibility // Ergonomic MTB Specific Cut and Fit
Price $110
More Info

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