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X-Fusion Vector Coil HLR Rear Shock

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X-Fusion Vector HLR Rear Shock (Super Plush)

The Good:

This is an excellent example of how a proper coil shock should perform. With the high and low speed compression and rebound adjustments, coupled with the air bottom out, the ability to dial this shock in is practically limitless.

The Bad:

None other than it is heavier than an air shock, but show me a good coil sprung shock that isn't. Not a breaking point for me at all.

Overall Review:

I am beyond stoked with this shock! I was running a Fox RP23 w/ Pro Pedal on my XL ibis Mojo HD (running at 160mm), and could never find the sweet spot with this shock. Keep in mind that I am 6'4" and tip the scale at 235.lbs fully geared up, so with the Fox it was either too soft (supple on the tiniest of ripples, yet blowing through the stroke on the big stuff), or far too firm (handled big hits without bottoming, but pummeled my kidneys like I was tapping 5th gear on washboards on the small stuff). The X-Fusion Vector Coil HLR, in my personal opinion, is easily the very best match for the Mojo HD platform. Climbing is excellent with this shock, which may seem somewhat counter intuitive considering it's a coil. I tend to be more of a seated grinder when it comes to climbing, and the Vector Coil sits right up in the travel (w/ between 25%-30% sag), and rolls right up and over any obstacles I encounter. When the need arises for me to stand out of the saddle and hammer, I feel very little pedal induced bobbing whatsoever. In fact what little bit of suspension activity I do feel has the sensation of actually giving me forward propulsion (greatly due to the DW-Link design, but certainly enhanced by the Vector.

Now for the fun bit. Point the Ol' Dirty Bird downhill and this shock really begins to shine! This shock mated up to the Mojo turned me from a line picker that felt the need to scan a mile ahead to look for the smoothest line, into a point and shoot charger. I find myself looking for rougher lines, since this shock handles anything I've thrown at it. X-Fusion's experience with motocross is clear. The Vector Coil feels very much like a well tuned motocross shock (those who know what I mean by this should get their hands on one today). If I were to sum up the Vector coil HLR in a few brief words, it would be that you no longer notice what your suspension is doing back there. This is a good thing! This shock works so well that you don't have to think about it, therefore allowing you to focus on the task at hand, shredding! All this without a "Push" or custom tune. Follow the manufacture recommended settings, and go rip a trail near you!

Did X-Fusion get it right? Hell Yes!

X fusion vector

The Good:

Plush and fluid all the way through its travel. Zero catch when suspension is first activated. The mid stroke doesn't blow through its travel. This also enhanced its pedalling abilities. I had the elka stage five before, but it would stick when first engaging and it blew through the travel too easily for my liking. The Vector fixed all the dislikes I had with my previous shocks. The bottom out is controlled, giving it a bottomless feeling. The adjustments do what with are designed for.

The Bad:

Depending on your preferences in riding there could be one thing that you might not like- or you may like it if it suits your riding style. The last part of the rebound before it returnes to length slows down. It doesn't give you a pop off the lip of a jump. But at the same time it won't buck you if you come off a lip off balance. I think this charactistic adds to the constant fliud feel. Going fast through big rocks I think it gives smoother control. Adjusting the rebound changes it but doesn't make it go completely away.

Overall Review:

This shock does what it was designed for. I think it works as well as the best rear shocks out there and better in some ways. I am very impressed so far. The lower cost in this case dosen't mean less.


Product X-Fusion Vector Coil HLR Rear Shock
Riding Type Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park
Spring Type Coil
External Adjustments Low speed compression, rebound, bottom out reservoir pressure
Available Sizes 200mm x 57mm
215mm x 63mm
222mm x 69mm
240mm x 76mm
Weight 0 lb 15.2 oz (430 g)
Miscellaneous CVS (Check Valve System) technology isolates compression and rebound damping
Custom tuning available
Price $549.99
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