Giro Phase Helmet

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Good fitting and well ventilated lid for most heads

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Abundant vents keep your head cool, good coverage on the back of the helmet.

The Bad:

No adjustments on the visor.

Overall Review:

The Giro Phase is a backup helmet for our house. I have a more enduro-esque helmet that is my primary lid - which cost nearly three times the sale price of this helmet. Keeping that in perspective... this Giro Phase is one fantastic helmet for the price! It is extremely well ventilated with 27 vents in all the right positions. My head can actually feel cold from the evaporative effect on downhill sections. The Roc-loc 5 retention works great and the helmet seems to properly fit most head shapes. This is actually a low profile fitting design and it sits lower on your head than other designs. People like this look because it look more like a normal hat. If you have a huge forehead or freakishly large head, this is probably not the right lid to choose. All the other people in the audience at the circus will be fine with the fit. Seriously though, fit is very personal so always try on many helmets to find one that mates with your particular noggin. The style of any helmet could effect it's overall protection too so big and bulky isn't always bad either. One detail that is lacking is the visor does not have any adjustability. It is in a fixed position. The good news is that is well positioned, but it would be nice if it had a few degrees of tilt. Several people have used this helmet with universally good results. People love the pretty blue color and those matching straps. It is a single color without any racing stripes or decals with acronyms which is a refreshingly clean look.

Inexpensive, versatile helmet

The Good:

"Neutral" styling blends in at races or on the trail. Comfortable and well-ventilated. Fit is easy to adjust with one hand.

The Bad:

Chin strap seems to loosen over time.

Overall Review:

I picked up the Giro Phase in black back in 2010 and it has served me well since then. It's not as expensive as a lighter or flashier lid, but it does the job just as well and still looks pretty good. The dial that adjusts the fit is quick and easy to use with gloves and while riding, and I can quickly snug it down with just one hand. I've used this helmet for cross-country riding and racing and trail riding, and I've even taken the visor off and used it for road racing. It has an unremarkable style which fits in anywhere. If you want your helmet to stand out in a crowd, look elsewhere, but otherwise this is a great choice for the trail/XC segment. The one complaint I have is that the chin strap seems to slowly work itself loose over time. I've noticed this happening consistently since I've had the helmet, but it's so gradual that it's never been a serious issue. When it eventually comes time to replace my current helmet, the Phase will be my first choice.


The Good:

FIts well and it is comfortable

The Bad:

Styling is fine, but nothing special

Overall Review:

Never crashed in it yet, but it is lightweigt, comfortable, good ventilation. Styling isn't anything special, but good for trail riding.


Product Giro Phase Helmet
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Rider Unisex
Number of Vents 27
Construction In-mold - EPS liner, polycarbonate shell
Adjustable Padding Acu Dial suspension offers an easy-to-adjust
Colors Various
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Detachable visor
Price $75
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