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Giro Fixture Helmets

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Giro Fixture - matte black
 Giro Fixture Helmets  Giro Fixture Helmets  Giro Fixture Helmets  Giro Fixture Helmets  Giro Fixture Helmets  Giro Fixture Helmets  Giro Fixture Helmets
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Giro Fixture : great helmet for all budgets

Fits well and protects just as much as more expensive lids

Rating: Featured Member Review
Giro Fixture : great helmet for all budgets
The Good:

-Low rear coverage
-Nice colors -Great fit even if it's one size fits all
-Cheap price

The Bad:

-Bulky side look

Overall Review:

It’s sunny out and pretty warm, seems like a great day to go for a ride. After an hour-long drive, I unload my bike at the trailhead, set up everything, then look around for my helmet… I guess it’s still on the countertop at home.

I call the local bike shop to see if they rent some and the owner says, "Come over I'll set you up with something!". I drive over there, he hands me this brand-new Giro Fixture and says we'll sort it out when you get back. I try it on, it fits well, and I head back for the trails. The fit is great, better than my forgotten-at-home POC that cost much more than this 50$ lid. It turns out that the helmet is one of the most comfortable I’ve bought, I don't sweat much even if it's 30C out, and I quite like the color. I get back to the store and ask him hum much for the helmet rental and he says 5$. Turns out I bought it and I'll keep my old one as a backup helmet at home for friends.

Nice finish and many vents.

The finish is one of the best I've seen on all the helmets I have bought over the years: the matte paint doesn't scratch easily, the visor is sturdy and does not obstruct the view, and the foam and plastic are nicely finished from all sides. I like the fact that the straps are fixed on the shell, and I prefer a classic snap buckle instead of magnetic closures that are the new trend. The rear retention system stays secure and is easy to adjust with or without gloves.

Comfy padding, good retention system that's easy to adjust.

The only negative for me is the bulky side looks. It looks a bit like my last Giro Feature which was also pretty round, but the dig diagonal line that runs from the top to the rear makes it look bulkier than it is. Maybe that's because this one is one-size fits all helmet, they made the shell a bit bigger to accommodate more head sizes. In my opinion, I think that adding a vent in that big diagonal surface would have made the helmet look better.

A bit bulky looking from the sides, but still nice!

The rear head coverage is very good, and I don't see why this wouldn't be standard on most helmets. It is becoming more popular on all kinds of helmets.  After wearing my road helmet on a road ride, the moment I put the Fixture on I felt more protected right away. It gives more confidence on the trails versus a regular XC lid.

Good rear coverage.


For around 50$, this helmet is still awesome and I’ll happily wear it until it’s due for replacement. At that price, there are not many options that fit well, have as much lower head protection and look good. Compared to competitors, the Bell 4Forty has linear side vents that seems to make the helmet look less bulky on the sides, and fits just as well for me. My next one will probably be a Bell for that reason, as both companies' helmets fit me well. And both brand’s models are available with MIPS, an option that I would have taken if the store had this version in stock.

Great helmet at any price

The Good:

Fit, protection, and cost

The Bad:

one size only

Overall Review:

I wasn't looking for a new helmet, but my current one was starting to get a little long in the tooth. On an unrelated errand at Dick's Sporting goods I walked by the bike section and just happened to look over at the helmets. I had a Giro Xen back in the day and really liked the fit but haven't worn a Giro for a while. I tried on the Fixture on a whim and was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit despite being one size only. The thing that sold me was it was only $45! They could have easily slapped a $85-100 pricetag on this and it wouldn't be out of place. I'm glad they didn't though. (this is for the non-mips model, btw)

My head circumference is 56.5cm or 22.25 inches and I typically wear S/M or M/L depending on the brand. The Fixture uses a simple circular wheel tightening system that's easy to reach and use with gloves. There's quite a range of adjustment and I can see this fitting well for many despite the one size fits all. It feels snug and fits like a helmet should. The chin strip is a buckle, simple and easy to snap and unbuckle. Strap adjustments are easy and don't slip and aren't super long as some other brands.

It's fairly lightweight considering the amount of protection if offers for the back of the head. It's a great option for trail/all mtn riding. The color options are solid and should make most people happy. The finish is a nice satin/matte and is so far very durable. So far I'm lucky to not have to test it yet, but it seems like it would protect my head like most well made mtb helmets. 

Conclusion: This is a solid helmet for beginners, budget-minded riders, and experienced riders alike. Given the low cost, it's an easy choice if you're in need of a simple no nonsense helmet that looks good. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. 


Product Giro Fixture Helmets
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Rider Unisex
Number of Vents 18
Construction In-mold polycarbonate construction, EPS foam, Roc Loc Sport (micro-adjustable rear dial), MIPS equipped option
Adjustable Padding
Certification CPSC
Size Universal
Colors 2018 colors: Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte Lime, Matte Frost, Matte Dark Red, and Matte Walnut
  • 0 lb 10.7 oz (303 g)
  • N/A
  • $65
  • $45
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