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Fox Racing Flux Helmet (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Fox Flux - Matte Black
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A decent helmet

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Protects your head, good ventilation, comfortable, easy to adjust, not bad on the eye, works with glasses.

The Bad:

Chin adjustment strap is too long, rubber band that holds the strap together easily breaks, minimal spots for stickers, no action camera mount.

Overall Review:

I have been riding with this helmet for 2 and a half years now. This helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets to wear and is quite well ventilated. The addition of spare sweat pads adds a bonus to purchasing this helmet.

I have had one main issue with this helmet, which is the chin strap. The chin strap is too long and has too much excess even when you tie it down with the rubber band. The rubber band is very useful it joining two straps together, however it is quite fragile and breaks easily.

Another issue is the lack of places to stick a sticker to the helmet. There are a lot of ventilation holes, which is great, but this also means less areas to stick rad stickers.

The helmet also does not work well with action camera mounts. The best alternative i have found is using duct tape to hold the base of a camera mount down to the helmet. IF you're into your POV footage, i'd stay away from this helmet.

Washing the pads is super easy to do in a hot bowl of water and soap.

Overall, this helmet is by far one of the most comfortable helmets to wear and keeps your head safer than you could think of.

it's ok...

The Good:

fits well l/xl does its job I guess

The Bad:

1 endo and the helmet was toast

Overall Review:

For a 100 dollar helmet I thought the quality would be a lot better. When I got the helmet, I noticed that some of the plastic pieces that hold the straps in place were popped out. I attempted to pop them back in only to find that they were broken and would not stay in place....No big deal, I wanted to ride. Every time I pull the helmet out for a ride, the stupid pads that are velcroed in fall out, its annoying. I took one spill and now the helmet has a huge dent in it and is useless....I would not recommend this helmet, spend the extra 50 dollars and get a TLD

Good looks, comfort and value

The Good:

Good fit, very comfortable, large vents create great breath ability and keep you cool on the hot days

The Bad:

Rear straps are in a weird spot, the size adjuster is hard to accurately adjust both sides evenly. Large vents make it tricky to stick a gopro mount on.

Overall Review:

Overall I am very happy with this helmet, the comfort and fit is up to par with most other helmets out there such as Giro and Bell. I found the fit of this helmet to be very comfortable, breathable and with no movement once tight on your head. Although I have not had any crashes on this lid yet the overall durability of the helmet seems really good, there is nothing flimsy and everything is made with good quality.

The only somewhat bad thing about this helmet is that the adjustment on the rear inside of the helmet requires the use of two hands and is also very hard to accurately adjust both sides evenly unless the helmet is taken off. This isn't a big issue but could potentially mean that the helmet doesn't sit evenly on your head. Comfort wise it works really well though.

Lastly, again not really really a major issue but due to the big vents and the unique shape of this helmet it makes it tricky to stick on a gopro mount evenly onto the lid. I managed to stick on one although not sitting flush with the helmet and it hasn't come off yet though.

Overall I would recommend this helmet as it is comfy and a good value.

Flux helmet

The Good:

Great fit, style and durability.

The Bad:

Hasn't changed since 07. I guess if it ante broke why fix it.

Overall Review:

Great all mountain, trial helmet. Never moves and looks good. Been using one since 07 and its hard to try others when this works so well.


Product Fox Racing Flux Helmet
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Rider Unisex, Women
Number of Vents 20
Construction Outer shell directly molded to EPS foam
Adjustable Padding
Certification CPSC, CE:EN 1078, AS/NZS 2063
Size XS/S (19.75" - 21.25"), S/M (22" - 23.25"), L/XL (23.25" - 25.25")
Colors Creo Dark Yellow, Creo White/Navy, Creo Dark Green, Matte Black, Matte White, Creo Flo Yellow, Solid Grey, Solid Red
Women's Pink, Women's Sage
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous 200?-2017 model years
Price $99.95
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