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Source D|Vide Hydration System

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Source D|Vide
 Source D|Vide Hydration System  Source D|Vide Hydration System  Source D|Vide Hydration System  Source D|Vide Hydration System
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A game changer!

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Source D|vide delivers. It is easy to fill, easy to clean, the tubes are great and easy to connect disconnect from the reservoir (with a click system) and fits well on my Shimano U4E backpack. No odd plastic flavors after a while, nothing! I've read the secret lies on the glass like technology. The construction quality seems really good and you don't even feel that you have 2 L of liquid on your back. The huge opening is great to refill and you can even stick your hand fully to clean the isotonic reservoir. Source says that if you only use water you just need to refill and go, no need for a thorough cleaning. Rides are now much more comfortable and you don't feel the urge of having big sips of each reservoir, it is so balanced!

The Bad:

Not exactly bad, but I feel that the valve kit needs some time to get used to, and probably some work around. You bite and suck like in most of the systems, but then you have to twist (mouth or hand) to close it, as it might drip a little. Camebak big bite is still a winner, but, on the other hand, it has no mechanism (built in) to prevent from dripping (and it will happen eventually). I think the reservoir would be perfect with an extra hole on the bottom to help hanging it to dry upside down. Source still doesn't sell this as kit (with a backpack), so if you buy a Source backpack you will have an extra reservoir... The reservoir comes with no accessories in comparison with other reservoirs from the same brand ex: magnetic clip, dirt shield (to stop dirt from getting in contact with the valve), weave covered tube for insulation. Still nothing that affects performance. I love it.

Overall Review:

I have used Camelbaks since the 90s and since followed the widespread of other brands and solutions. I went all these years on and off using water or isotonic but lately, because age and heat, I've been using isotonic drinks and water (two bottles) on my Zaskar (transformed to be some kinda of a road bike) and I feel much better having two drinks instead of just one kind. With that I thought the possibility on doing the same with my trail bike. The thing is I didn't want to use bottles or a bottle and hydration, and every time I used isotonic only on my Camelbak it was a pain to clean.
I decided to search for a solution and I found it, Source D|vide is definitely a great buy but I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more if It came with other accessories.


Product Source D|Vide Hydration System
Rider Unisex
Hydration Pack Type Backpack
Bladder Capacity 2L or 3L Options // Dual Chamber to Carry Two Drinks in One Hydration System
Storage Capacity N/A
Materials Glass Like Film Technology, Triple Layer Taste and Odor Free PE Film with Anti Microbial Agent
Pockets N/A
Colors Two Color Coded Tubes (Red and Blue) with Two Drinking Valves
Miscellaneous Widepac D|Vide Features Two Separate Compartments (Flexible in Size) and You Have Both Drinks Available at All Times
Price $44
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