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ENVE Composites Mountain Sweep Handlebar (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
ENVE Mountain Sweep Handlebar
 ENVE Composites Mountain Sweep Handlebar  ENVE Composites Mountain Sweep Handlebar  ENVE Composites Mountain Sweep Handlebar
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Classic Enve Goodness

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Looks, finish, weight, strength, durability, etc, etc, etc.

The Bad:

Sticker price. The best isn't usually cheap.

Overall Review:

I rode the Enve DH bars for over a season and a half on my SC Nomad. XC, trail, a few chair lift service days and two Enduro events. I had a few good crashes here and there (albeit nothing horrible) and these bars never showed any signs of failure or fatigue, just one good scratch on the front.

They are some of the lightest bars per CM on the market. I cut mine down and the markings on each end made it super simple and thoughtless. The matte finish is beautiful and the quality unquestionable. Enve had a recent batch of DH bars fail their quality and testing controls so they subsequently moved production of all their cockpit components to their main facility in Ogden, UT - proof they will do what ever it takes to make the best product possible.

I have a second pair on the way for my new bike and would definitely recommend them.

Ultimate bars

The Good:

They really do help cut down on trail buzz. This reduces fatigue significantly on long, 3hr plus rides. Matched with big chunky oury grips, very comfy.

The Bad:

Price, but these are the best

Overall Review:

Tried other carbon bars, these are so nice. You get what you pay for. My favourite XC bar. One minor crash in their life, no concerns over integrity.

Excellent bar

The Good:

strong and light, good/simple graphics

The Bad:

a bit spendy, but not much more than similar options

Overall Review:

About a year ago I gouged my Easton Havoc carbon bar in a crash at bootleg canyon and afterward I was a bit nervous riding it with such a deep scratch and so decided to get a new bar. I mixed it up and bought a buddy's nearly new ENVE DH bar to see what I thought.  In many regards it is similar to the Easton that I really like with very close rise and sweep numbers.  One of the touches that I like about the ENVE is that there is a rough section for where the stem clamps on to prevent slips I suppose. 

I did end up cutting down the 800mm bar to my preferred width of 760mm, but actually ended up taking too much off due to following the cutting marks printed on the bar.  I ended up chopping off an extra 5mm so not the end of the world but I was pretty ticked that I didn't double check that the marks were accurate.  Lesson learned.

Quality and performance otherwise has been excellent and so despite the high cost, which is not much more than other carbon bar options, this has been a terrific product.

Outstanding bars

The Good:


The Bad:

Hard to find in Belgium.

Overall Review:

Incredybly strong bars and a perfect shape , matches perfect on my v10

Rides with Confidence

The Good:

Super stiff and relatively the lightest among all hardcore handlebars. Its looks, strength and stiffness provide you with confidence.

The Bad:

The only bad thing about this handlebar is the check out price....

Overall Review:

So far it is the chosen handlebar for DH, Freeride,Aggressive AM and Gravity Enduro type of rides for its stiff, light, strength and certainly its looks.


Product ENVE Composites Mountain Sweep Handlebar
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Material Carbon Fiber
Material Details
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
  • 760mm
  • 680mm
Rise 0
Colors Black with white decals
Weight 0 lb 6.7 oz (189 g)
Price $160
More Info

The perfect bar for getting low on your XC or Trail bike

Mountain bikers that want a low and aggressive position over the front end of their bikes

The perfect ride experience requires a bike and position that fit both rider and style. As wheels get bigger it has become increasingly challenging for riders to achieve the position they want. Having a zero rise handlebar makes it possible.

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