Renthal Push-On Grip

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Push-On Medium
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The perfect grip

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Great bar feel, wear and price

The Bad:

The installation and removal

Overall Review:

I've run race face half Nelson, ergon enduro factory and dmr deathgrips to try lock on as the ease of installation and removal were appealing. They had their hits and misses but were all too thick and stiff after push on grips, promoting arm pump and a vague feeling in comparison.

I can totally understand how people may not have the same issues or may prefer a mushroom style push on but the kevlar compound renthal push on grips hit the spot for bar feel, vibration damping and size on the bar perfectly for me. I'm 6 feet 1 tall and they're not too thin on the bar at all and offer sensational grip and wear with gloves (I never ride without). 

As far as the bad is concerned it's a matter of opinion, I like the flanges, the length and the screw in bar plugs (rather than an outside clamp). I'm happy to live with glueing the grips on and wiring them after that to get the security of fit I need. I run an alloy bar so cutting the grip off doesn't really worry me either and as such the sacrifice is simply time (the curing of renthal glue overnight).

This is a five star product in my mind and although I'm happy to accept contact points are a personal preference if you're having any issues with arm pump or grip at the bars I'd recommended these grips as a cheap first attempt to help get past them. 

the best grip ever !

The Good:

the compound keeps getting better over the time no lock ons cheap

The Bad:

so easy to break not everyone install them correctly

Overall Review:

By far the best grips that are used, the compound is the best that exists and as you use it gets better. I had to stop using them after they broke me in an enduro race and I had to finish 4hrs without a grip,I would like Renthal to have a single lock grip as ODI with this compound. I ride gloveless.


Product Renthal Push-On Grip
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Length 135mm
  1. Medium:Medium compound
  2. Kevlar:Kevlar resin
  3. Soft:Soft compound
  4. Ultra Tacky:Ultra Tacky compound
  5. Firm:Firm compound
  1. Medium:Dark grey
  2. Kevlar:Yellow
  3. Soft:Light grey
  4. Ultra Tacky:Black
  5. Firm:Black
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Medium flange for added control and shifter compatibility
Grooves in both ends of the grip allow the use of motocross style grip-wire
Secure, expander end-plugs
  1. Medium:$12.95
  2. Kevlar:$15.95
  3. Soft:$12.95
  4. Ultra Tacky:$15.95
  5. Firm:$12.95
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