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Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles

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Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPopGoggles
 Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles  Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles  Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles  Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles  Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles  Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles
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Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles

An excellent goggle with a hint of added color and detail

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Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles
The Good:

Great fit and contour for the rider's face, A lens that is clearly nicer than the average, Better detail in specific lighting situations, Brings back the 80's in color.

The Bad:

Smaller strap wings that may limit exact fit for every helmet.

Overall Review:

Smith Optics introduced a relatively new technology called ChromaPop into a not so relatively new goggle, the Fuel V.2. With this new technology, smith claims ChromaPop enhances detail, clarity, and natural colors for those behind their lens. The real question is would it really make a difference in their goggle line and would that difference even be noticeable? I got my hand on a pair just to find out. Spending several months with these new goggles, here are my impressions:

Detailed Specs:                

Medium Fit

Sweat-X F.A.T. 3-Layer Face Foam

Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System

Red Mirror Lens

Roll/Tear Offs Compatible Lens with In-Lens Tear Offs Posts

Custom Frame and Strap Graphics

Ultra-Wide, Silicone Backed Strap

Utilizes Fuel Lenses

Retail: $95.00


Out of The Box:

Pulling these goggles out of their packaging, the first thing that caught my eye was how glamorous the ChromaPop lens was. This were by far the nicest and shiniest lens I’ve ever used. With the “FUEL ChromaPop” lettering on the lower left side, I was overly eager to get these on the trail.


Aside from the lens, the frame’s quality was top notch and offered very good flex to help contour to my face. One thing that knocked these googles out of the park was the 3-layer foam. The initial piece is very soft and comfortable against the skin. The other two layers work together to create a perfect fit for most every rider’s face and bone structure.


I was impressed with the tackiness of the thick silicone backed strap which aided the goggles in staying in place around the helmet, even in incredibly bumpy and/or wet conditions.


The strap comes in multiple colors and logo designs and has excellent quality to it. Using the goggles for several months, I haven’t seen any signs of stretching out and the strap has retained it’s elasticity quite well.


The only thing I wasn’t completely stoked on was the outrigger positioning system (or in other words the wings that help push out the strap for a snugger fit.) Although they do a good job with the majority of helmets, the wings are smaller than other goggles models out there and as such, limit getting a snug fit against the rider's face. If you ride with a thicker "moto" rated helmet or something close to it, getting a hyperly snug fit may be slightly more difficult. For as long as the Fuel goggle frame has been around for, it would nice to see Smith come out with a new model that offers larger wings for those who ride with thicker full-face helmets.


On The Trail:

Enough about the initial impressions, lets talk about how the goggles (and more specifically, the lens) functions out on the trail.

ChromaPop technology is said to enhance blues, reds, and greens that standard lenses have a tendency to filter out. Along with this, Smith claims that ChromaPop also produces detail and clarity that is unmatched by any standard goggle lens.

To be honest, after 2 months of use I wasn’t too impressed with the specific blues, reds, or greens the ChromaPop lens offered. They certainly didn't popping out as the name “ChromaPOP” would suggest. Compare the natural (Left) to Chromapop lens (Right) below to see what I experienced.


However, the ChromaPop lens isn't a complete waste of money through. What I was impressed with was how the lens was able to bring out better depth and detail in specific lighting situations. This revealed detail is a very nice thing to have and could save a rider from experiencing a TOB moment while transitioning between open fields and loamy trees and technical sections.


Lastly, although it caught me a little off guard, the ChromaPop lens illuminated what I was looking at with a hint of magenta (and to be specific, the blue sky) which I learned to love. Although I was born in the 80’s I really wasn’t able to get completely down with the retro wave as I was still wearing diapers. Being able to throw a little more magenta into my life has helped me reclaim what was once lost.


Bottom Line:

I would place the Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop goggles towards the peak of lens technology. There is no doubt the ChromaPop lens reveals detail that is simply lost in other lenses. As for color “pop,” I didn’t see see a huge increase in reds, greens, or blues which may be a bummer for some riders looking to experience their local trails the way ecstasy popping Go-Go dancers experience EDC. What I did see however was an awesome tint of magenta which I wasn’t too upset about. The goggle frames are well made and contour well to my face. The only criticism I have for Smith is that I wish they would have made the wings for the goggle/strap to helmet interface slightly larger. Sure they will work well for 80% of full face helmets out there but it would be nice to see a larger wing version of the Fuel for those who ride larger (thicker) helmets or for riders that prefer a hyperly snug fit. When everything is said and done, $95.00 is quite a bit of money, especially for mountain bike goggles. If you can justify spending that amount on goggles, I would say you certainly get what you pay for with the Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop goggles.


Product Smith Fuel V.2 ChromaPop Goggles
Features Medium Fit
Super-Absorptive Sweat-X F.A.T. 3-Layer Face Foam
Ergonomic Outrigger Positioning System
Roll/Tear Offs Compatible Lens with In-Lens Tear Offs Posts
Custom Frame and Strap Graphics
Ultra-Wide, Silicone Backed Strap
Fuel Lenses with ChromaPop Lens Technology
Colors Reactor/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Black/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Opal Unexpected/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Fire/ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror, Ripped/ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror, French Blue/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash
Miscellaneous Lifetime Warranty
Price $95
More Info

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