Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet (discontinued)

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Rampage Pro Carbon - Matte Black
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Pro Level Protection

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Excellent protection, airflow is good for a full-face, remove-able inserts, crash replacement policy. Looks good!

The Bad:

Not as light as you would expect from a carbon helmet, a bit bigger shell than some others. Pricey.

Overall Review:

I had a pretty crazy crash in Whistler a few years ago where I broke my old Fox helmet and needed to replace it. The shop I went into hooked me up with a crash replacement and 30% off this new lid. As it usually goes, I was drawn to the great looking colors, cool looking carbon inlay and overall feel of quality that the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon has when you put it on. The vents do a good job of dumping heat as long as you are riding. I wouldn't climb with this thing on my head on purpose, but its better than any other dedicated full face helmet I've ever used when talking about vents.

It has a snug feel around your face, but isn't uncomfortable like I've experienced in other helmets. The padding is thick and comes out so you can throw them in the washing machine - A must when I consider which full-face helmet to buy. The chin bar feels good and doesn't interfere with vision too badly, it also breathes well. I don't feel my hot breathe bouncing back at me unless I'm wearing it for a climb, in which case I usually just slip it up on the top of my head. The D-ring holds the helmet secure and is 2nd nature to attach after a while.

I do feel like for a carbon helmet that it is quite heavy. It also has a larger shell volume than something like a TLD. With this comes a sense that it can take a hard hit and do its job without question. I wear a Leatt neck brace and Smith Fuel goggles and they are both compatible with this helmet.

When it comes time to buy a new helmet, would I buy the Fox again? It depends on the price. I feel like I could get a similar helmet for less money if I shopped around, but then again I do appreciate all the little features that the Fox has.

Logn-term review 2016 Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Full Face MIPS helmet

The Good:

Very comfortable & secure fit, This is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn so far. Good air flow, the ears stay cool, and every thing else, but of course the motofoam in the front of the chin guard will, of course give less air flow, so on really hot days you might notice the extra heat, but it’s not huge difference for me. double D-ring doesn’t scratch easily. the carbon shell makes this a very durable helmet, unlike helmets with plastic shells, that dent just by hits from some small branches, the carbon shell won’t crack or dent even if the bike the back of it in a downhill fall. the inserts are easy to remove.

The Bad:

at 1100 grams the helmet is not light, but I got used to it quite fast, and it doesn’t effect me much, but a lighter helmet would be nice. The cheek pads/inserts wear out, they get compressed and get too thing, so the helmet will eventually wiggle, I noticed the chin guard hitting my face. so after few months I have to swap them for new cheek pads/inserts. a better solution is needed. After few months of use I noticed the MIPS has cracked, I noticed this after taking the helmet off, this happen only on one of the two helmets I got. The glue failed to rubber skirting, the adhesive is not strong enough to hold it, Fox helmets had problems with this in the past. when you hold the helmet on the chin guard & you will flex the skirting in many directions which loosen it up. but of course, you can glue it back, it’s an easy job The inner shell separates from the outer shell after 3 years of use.


Product Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet
Riding Type Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park
Rider Unisex
Number of Vents 17 Total Vents and Channels
Construction Carbon Fiber Shell with EPS Liner
MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) Equipped
Adjustable Padding Dri-Lex Lining with 3D-Molded Cheek Pads, Compression Head Liner
Certification CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952, AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN 1078:1997
Bag Includes Protective Storage/Transport Bag
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colors 2018: Preest Yellow/Black, Preest White/Black, Kustom White/Red/Black, Kustom Fatigue/Black, Kustom Red/Yellow, Matte Black
2017: Moth Blue/Black, Moth Red/White, Moth Dark Red, Moth Black/Yellow, Seca Ice Blue, Seca Black/Grey/Red, Matte Black
2016: Kroma Navy, Kroma Black/White, Divizion Aqua, Divizion Grey, Libra Red, Matte Black, Libra White
2015: Demo Black Camo, Demo Red/White, Savant Blue, Matte Black
2014: Given Black/White
2013: Matte Black/Silver, White/Black, Black/Yellow
Weight 2 lb 8.4 oz (1,145 g)
Miscellaneous Precision Fit and Designed Using 2 Shell Sizes and 3 EPS Dimensions
2013 - 2018 Model Years
Price $449.95
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