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Canfield The One Frame (discontinued)

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 Canfield The One Frame  Canfield The One Frame
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Canfield The ONE

The Good:

Great pedaling power, DH capabilities. Amazing all around bike. If you can afford just ONE bike, this should be at the top of the list.

The Bad:

The only thing I can say negative about this bike was the Geo on the '11 version was not my favorite. On the '12 and '13 they corrected this though, bringing the geo in line with more AM/trail rather than full on DH. All of this can be changed with different parts though, and is more of a personal preference than anything.

Overall Review:

The pedaling power is what really struck me about this bike. While there was natural pedal bob from the forces of my leg pushing down, there is NONE generated from the actual motion of the crank spinning.  I really noticed this when I would change gears from the 36 outer ring to the 24 inner.  Different gearing, same ratios, but the smaller ring always has a burst of acceleration as soon as you hit it.  I found myself staying in the lower front ring as long as I could most of the time for this benefit.  I looked into it and the reason for this is the up and forward curve in the lower suspension link.  The design is such to prevent the rear triangle from being pulled in or traveling upwards under pressure from the cranks, mainly with a smaller ring.  If you can imagine an increasing chainring size in the front, the larger it gets the more it pulls the rear triangle up, and the smaller it gets, the more it pulls the rear triangle in towards the bb.  The curve in the link gives a natural lockout when using the smaller rings, forcing the curve of the rear triangle to go up for bumps and obstacles but locking it out whilst the crank and small ring are pulling it in towards the bb.  I’m not sure where the breaking point is, but I know that there is a noticeable difference between a 24 and a 36 ring and how much of your pedal power is transferred to the wheel.  It’s also really noticeable when you stand up to mash the pedals.  If you have a very clean pedal stroke you can crank this thing uphill with ease, but as soon as you stand up on the pedals and mash away, you are reminded that you are, in fact, riding an 8” travel bike.  This is where the geo comes in again with shining colors, as the seat tube angle makes this bike do the crossover with grace.  With the seat low you have a very capable FR/DH bike that rips corners and berms, jumps with pop and handles DH with all the other 8” bikes.  Put that seat up high and pedal smoothly, you don’t even notice the suspension anymore.  The main benefit to this is having little to no pedal induced bob while retaining your full suspension travel over bumps.  Even going uphill it lets your bike roll over stuff instead of locking or stiffening the suspension like most of the competition.  .  As the pedaling power is such a strong suit with this bike, I found I enjoyed it most where the terrain was not overly steep up or down.  Perfect example is Porcupine Rim in Moab.  The first climb has always been tough for me but this bike just ate it up, it keeps traction to the dirt so well and your pedal stroke just moves the bike so fast, I was blown away first time I took this bike up that.  Once you start descending a little there are some long flat-ish spots with lots of rocks.  As this is an old jeep trail there are a few lines to choose from, all of which very rough.  On a big travel bike it gets exhausting pedaling through those, and on a smaller bike they can really beat you up.  The ONE ate it for breakfast and kept going.  I really noticed the suspension doing its job over the rocks, and I was surprised to see how fast I could pedal through it at the same time.  Both the suspension and transmission work together so flawlessly that neither interferes with one another, both work great and don’t hamper the others performance.  A truly unique design...  Fun, fast, graceful.

Canfield The One

The Good:

Pedaling is excellant. Geometry is spot on for the entire spectrum. Due to the locking rear suspension in climbs far better than any xc, all-mountain, enduro, or FR bike I've been on. Supple, plush, and fluid suspension descends as good as the best DH bikes out there. It is as smooth as the specialized demo 8. (The only DH bike that I've tried with superior feeling suspension is the Canfield Jedi). Stable in the air. Built like a tank, it is very stiff. Corners like mad. Customer service is top notch.

The Bad:

If you are buying this bike with the intention of doing everything from DH to XC IMO it only comes up short in one area. Because it is heavier than your xc specific bikes it isn't ideal for a long constant uphill ride. After 10+ miles of uphill you will be more tired than your 20lb bikes. With that in mind though it is far better for technical, steep, rocky climbs. It pedals anywhere. I have never ridden a bike that has outclimbed it. Other riders will wonder how out of shape they are when they see a dual crown bike pass them on up hill climbs.

Overall Review:

I feel like Canfield has made a bike that is as good as the best, then given it something special (locking suspension) that puts it above and beyond the rest. For those who have always been unsure of buying a more DH oriented bike let your worries go. I always thought I would be sacrificing something I loved by not being able to climb and ride some of the things I used to ride by getting a bike with so much suspension. I couldn't have been more wrong. Everything I loved was enhanced. I gained more than I thought in every aspect of riding. I hardly dare ride the bikes I used to ride because they feel so akward and lacking.  All the years I wasted by listening to what other people assumed about bigger travel bikes is maddening.  This bike really is that good.


Product Canfield The One Frame
Riding Type Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Rider Unisex
Sizes and Geometry
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large View Geometry
Size Small Medium Large X-Large
Top Tube Length 21.2 22.0 23.1 23.9
Head Tube Angle 65° 65° 65° 65°
Head Tube Length 100mm 105mm 110mm 115mm
Seat Tube Angle 72.2º 72.2º 72.2º 72.2º
Seat Tube Length 15 17 19 20
Bottom Bracket Height 13.5 13.5 13.5 13.5
Chainstay Length 17.4 17.4 17.4 17.4
Wheelbase 45.4 46.4 47.43 48.23
Standover 28.25 28.8 29.0 29.25
Reach 15.4 16.35 17.3 18
Wheel Size 26"
Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Material Details 7005 Aluminum
Rear Travel
  • 177mm
  • 203mm
Rear Shock Cane Creek Double Barrel Air or Coil included
Head Tube Diameter 1.5"
Bottom Bracket 68mm BB shell
Rear Dropout / Hub Dimensions 142x12mm thru axle (comes with 135x12mm spacers)
Front Derailleur Size Shimano Direct Mount
Seatpost Diameter 31.6mm
Max Tire Size
ISCG Tabs ISCG Standard
Bottle Cage Mounts
Colors Ano Black with Black, Silver, Red, Blue or Orange link color options
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 8 lb 3 oz (3,714 g)
Miscellaneous The ability to pedal to the top of your local mountain and ride EVERY jump on the way down has never been more of an option for people! The One excels at not only descending, but also lives for the climbs! This is the best pedaling bike in its class! The ONE suspension creates a seamless transition between pedal efficiency and bump eating performance. The beauty of this bike lies in its simplicity. No knobs or lock out buttons to press on the climbs. Set the rear shock up for the down and start pedaling, The ONE takes care of the climbing for you! Giving you 7 -8” wheel travel while still being light enough to keep up with bikes ½ its travel, The ONE really is the “one” bike to do everything!
Price $2,700
More Info

Canfield Brothers website

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