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DVO Emerald Fork

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
 DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork  DVO Emerald Fork
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Solid, Incredible Fork

The Good:

This fork has it all! Highly adjustable, inverted design, smooth, air spring fork, 2 year warranty, carbon composite. Beautifully designed fork. Everywhere I go I get compliments on it.

The Bad:

Nothing. I'm very pleased with its performance.

Overall Review:

The Emerald is simply an amazing fork! Its has it all, does it all, and takes anything you throw at it. I really love how adjustable it is. I ride all different terrains; from drops and jumps, to rock gardens, to smooth and flowy trail. The fork is easy to adjust with just the turn of a knob. I used to run the 2012 WC Boxxer. It was a good fork, but the Emerald surpasses it's performance. It's gives a much smoother ride and the fork simply rides better. The Boxxer was also air sprung, but the adjustability of its high/low speed compression just doesn't compare to the Emerald. The fork doesn't stick like some others that I have ridden on do. It's always a smooth ride, over speed bumps, and through rock gardens.

It's also very easy to maintain. Releasing/adding air is simple and I also love how theCTA protects thestanchions. That was always one of my biggest fears; going over the bars and denting orscratching the stanchions. Now that is not a worry since the fork is well protected. It also keeps dirt out, allowing your seals to last longer.

As far as the cost goes.....hey, you get what you pay for! Incredible performance, easy maintenance, long enduring fork, and better riding is worth every penny! The guys at DVO are great. Their customer service is responsive, and I found the tech help and mechanics to be highly knowledgeable and helpful.

Overall I'm very pleased with the DVO Emerald! It's made me feel more confident in the saddle. With the fork set up for my style of riding, I feel that it's saved me from several "Oh no! I'm going down!" moments. Whatever I throw at it, it's ready to take on for me. I'm excited to check out DVO's rear shock! I can only imagine how great it will feel.

27.5 dvo emerald

The Good:

Stiffness, suppleness, inverted design

The Bad:

Slightly heavier than competition but more then makes up for it in performance

Overall Review:

I have been using the 27.5 emerald for about 5 months now and can say I have never ridden a overall better fork. Bryson and his team took all the positive aspects from Marzocchi and improved them to create the ultimate downhill fork.

The fork requires little to no maintenance and allows you to be in full control of how you want it to feel. The ott or off the top is very beneficial to aid with hand and arm cramping and makes your front tire stick the the floor.

Overall very impressed and can't wait to try out more dvo products in the future

Stiff, plush, super tune-able

The Good:

Stiff, good looks, ease of tuning and range of tuning

The Bad:

The color if you don't like green. Weight is a little higher than a boxxer world cup.

Overall Review:

MY favorite part about this fork, besides the amazing looks and intricate details, is the amount of adjustabilty available. I can run it real stiff and responsive for racing, or plush and forgiving for throwing whips at the bike park. The inverted design really is superior to a conventional Mtb fork. Less un-sprung weight makes it super smooth over braking bumps.

The OTT and easily accesible shim stack really gives it a level of tuning simply not available in other forks. Also being able to add or remove a few PSI is sooo easy compared to having to change a coil.

Best fork on the Market!!

The Good:

Amazing small bump performance, Does not dive, Handles big hits like a champ

The Bad:

None so far

Overall Review:

I have been riding an Emerald for 6 months and have yet to find a fault with it. If an air spring fork and a coil spring fork had a baby. it would be an Emerald.

Every time I ride this fork I feel more and more confident in loose, off-camber, choppy sections, and I feel like I can push it faster and faster. I have been in several situations where I thought I was going to wash out or go over the bars, yet have stayed on 2 wheels every time. My experience with other forks made me think I was for sure going to eat some dirt.

The OTT(Off-The-Top) adjuster makes trail side tuning a breeze. You can adjust how soft or stiff you want the fork to feel in the first part of the travel. For hard pack trails I run it a little stiffer(Turn the adjuster counter-clockwise) For loose, more slippery trails, I run it softer for more traction(Turn the adjuster clockwise) Other forks you would have to adjust pressure and or low speed compression to try and accomplish this.

This fork does not dive!! I've ridden plenty of super steep chunky sections and have never found myself too far on the front wheel. Again, it makes me push myself faster and faster.

Not only does it kill small bumps and steep chunky sections, it jumps like a champ as well. It is poppy on small jumps and doesn't lag on big jumps. I have landed to flat several times and have been blown away by how stable the fork was when I landed and how little feedback there was to my hands.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this fork. No leaking and no scratches thanks to the CTA. Once I set the air pressure and compression settings and have been able to leave the fork alone. I do not find myself having to mess with compression settings for every trail, I use just the OTT.

Thanks DVO for making such an awesome product!!!

new player in the downhill fork world.

The Good:

corner stability

The Bad:

not hing today

Overall Review:

what i have expectet! Ride high in corners and steep gnar. NO brake dive.., thats unbelievable.. super plush for chatter stuff, nice fork.
the OTT future is like a miracle!

Next Level

The Good:

Intuitive, responsive, stiff.

The Bad:

Nice things aren't cheap.

Overall Review:

I rode an Emerald for about a month. I've never been as impressed with a fork before. It was able to be supple in the chatter, yet no fork dive mid berm.  The ramp up at the bottom kept me from bottoming out even when I forced the issue on flat or rock garden landers.  I'd recommend this fork to anyone looking for the best regardless of cost.  Nice job DVO!


Smoothest ride ever..

The Good:

Beautiful design,
Popping colors,
Easy to tune, Awesome tech help...

The Bad:

Made my rear shock feel crappy once I switch into his fork. Im still working to tune the shock to try and keep up with how smooth this fork rides...

Overall Review:

I have ridden this fork for more than 4 months now. Rode it through rough races, muddy trails, flowy park runs and chunky tech.. It seems to be able to do it all with minimal tune changes. I am big boy weighing in at 220 lbs, so having a fork that will take a real beating is always important to me. The Emerald has held up wonderfully for me. And I slammed it into rocks starting the first day I rode it. I also love that its air and you dont have to swap out stupid heavy springs to adjust your ride.

For the last 5 years I have ridden on a Fox 40, Marzocchi 888 and a Marzocchi 380. This guy has surpassed all of these with flying colors. The sensitivity is amazing. I had my doubts about the flex I would get on it, but I cannot really feel that much more than what I felt on my last Marz 380. It seemed to bestiff enough to really keep the tires on track. The OTT feature is my favorite so far. I can use it to dial in the fork to the perfect feel for each type of riding I like to do without having to change much of anything else.

I wont go into a lot of details, but I would say that if you can give this fork a ride. It will change everything for you....


Product DVO Emerald Fork
Riding Type Downhill
Wheel Size 26", 27.5" (650b)
Travel 203mm
Spring Type Air Sprung
Damping Twin tube open bath cartridge
External Adjustments Dynamic rebound, low speed compression, high speed compression, OTT ("Off The Top" negative spring preload)
Crown Double; forged upper with 4-bolt stem mount
Front Axle 20mm x 110mm
Brake Mounts 203mm post mount
Steer Tube Diameter Tapered, 1.125" top, 1.5" bottom
Steer Tube Construction Alloy
Stanchion Diameter 36mm
Colors Black lowers with green, black, or brown uppers
  • 7 lb 2.6 oz (3,250 g)
  • 6 lb 8.1 oz (2,950 g)
Miscellaneous Inverted design
Carbon Torsion Arch (CTA): Hexcore carbon laminate
Upper Legs: 7000 series alloy upper legs; 42mm externally tapered CNC machined
Stanchions: 7000 series tapered hard anodized PTFE coated
Drop-Outs: forged magnesium
Offset: 44mm (26"), 49.92mm (27.5")
Trail: 121.75mm (26" and 27.5")
Clamp offset: 10mm (26”), 15.92mm (27.5")
  • $1,775
  • $1,895
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