Shimano M545 Clipless Pedal (discontinued)

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Heavy weight, jack of all trades (master of none)

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Burly design with trouble-free SPD pedal body

The Bad:

Very heavy and extra pivot point is prone to fail

Overall Review:

As a regularuser of minimalist SPD pedals for many years, I purchased the M545 pedals because I wanted the extra protection and security of the larger platform and didn't mind the trade-off for heavier weight. A pair of these will add about 567 grams (1 1/4 pounds) to the weigh-in total for your bike which is a couple hundred extra grams compared to the more minimal SPD pedals. 

What do you get for that extra half pound? The SPD pedal body works fantastic and spins well on the chromoly spindle with very low maintenance bushings. The added aluminum platform is functionally grippy and big enough for support, but not so big or grippy that it interferes with getting in and out of the cleat. You can use this as a burly trail pedal, light DH pedal or just to have the option to hop on your bike with your street shoes for a pedal around the neighborhood after your weekly ride. 

As other reviews have mentioned, the pivot point where the aluminum cage attaches to the outer pedal body is an inherent weakness of the hybrid design. The small screw (hidden under a cover) is prone to becoming loose and riding it like this will lead to deterioration of the material - eventually making the whole outboard side of the cage wobble. In my experience, I didn't have that problem out of the box. I had to beat these hard for 3-4 years on Colorado mountains before they started getting chronically loose. I eventually slammed hard on the edge of one pedal and crumbled the inside of the aluminum bore. That side is more out of whack than the other.

Even after those years of abuse and subsequent damage, the pedals are still functional. I put them on my wife's bike last year so she can learn to use SPD cleats on trails. She was skeptical about the small perch of standard SPD pedals (even the XT half platforms) and likes the larger platform that these old hammers offer for now. So not only can they be smashed up on trails, they can also be kept in play as a good confidence builder for less skilled riders that are new to SPD.

they could do better

The Good:

Better than the plastic cage version

The Bad:

the top screw bolt (the one with the yellow logo) is too easy too loose it. It still works anyway but there's no more functional support

Overall Review:

If you want something better, buy Shimano DX clipless pedals, they're just great and way more resistant.

Good standby

The Good:

Adjustable tension, easy release.

The Bad:

Do not work well in nasty conditions.

Overall Review:

For the first timer with clipless pedals, something from Shimano is a must. Having the adjustable tension is key to getting really comfortable with getting in and out of the pedals. The price is reasonable, and they last pretty well. I've raced these on and off for DH for quite some time. I've been reasonably happy with the durability, and if you are not racing in the mud, they are really reliable.

Would not recomend

The Good:

nothing really good

The Bad:

First day i got them i bent the cages and lost a bolt to one which made the cage rattle everywhere.

Overall Review:

do not get these! the metal bends very easily


Product Shimano M545 Clipless Pedal
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill
Pedal Platform Size Large Platform
Pedal Platform Details Aluminum Pop-up Floating Cage
Body Material Anodized Aluminum
Bearing Type Cartridge Spindle
Spindle Spec Chromoly, BC 9/16" x 20 T.P.I. Thread
Cleat Type SPD (SM-SH51), Dual-Sided Pedal System
Float Dual-Sided Pop-Up Bindings, 12.5-Degrees Angle, Cleat Tension Adjustment
Colors Silver
Weight 1 lb 4 oz (567 g)
Miscellaneous Cleat Retention Indicator
Cleat Retention Adjuster
Model Number: PD-M545
Price $110
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