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VP Components VP-VX Clipless Pedal

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VP VX Pedal Review

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Solid engagement with pronounced "click", holds up well to rock strikes. decent sale price

The Bad:

Heavy, screws that hold on stationary part of the binding come loose and fall out

Overall Review:

Overall a pretty nice pedal, and a decent alternative to Shimanopedals in terms of price. I bought these from Jenson for $25 which is a similar price to Shimano's M520 pedals. I think the pedal has a nice look to it, and they feel super solid in your hand. They are pretty heavy though, but do not feel a lotdifferent than a Shimano pedal in terms of weight. The tension adjustability is nice, I like my pedal tension pretty tight and these allowed for that no problem. They came with their own set of cleats, that are very similar to Shimano  cleats, but I left my Shimano  cleats on and they worked fine together. One of the best traits of the pedals is that they are easy to clip into, and when you do the audible click is loud and defined, something I really liked. I rode with these in muddy/ clay conditions and they did pack up, making them difficult to clip into, but I have yet to have a pedal (other than eggbeaters which I am not a huge fan of) not clog up with mud. 

The one issue I had with these pedals, and the reason I no longer use them, is the bindings. I had multiple occasions where I was riding my cross bike or mountain bike, and would have trouble clipping in. I would then look and find that one of the binding screws had fallen out and made the whole binding swing back and forth and made it so you could not clip in. I figured it was a fluke the first time, and put in a new screw with a generous amount of thread locker. I also tried to check my pedals before rides to make sure those screws were tight. This issue however kept happening and it became annoying enough that I switched back to my bombproof Shimano pedals. If you don't mind checking those screws before every ride they are an awesome pedal, but I forget too often, and so it was not worth it to me. Other than that issue the pedals are great, smooth bearings that have not developed play, holds up well to rock strikes and great retention and release. Overall not my favorite, but a definite nu,ber two option for clipless pedals.


Product VP Components VP-VX Clipless Pedal
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Pedal Platform Size Standard
Pedal Platform Details
Body Material Aluminum Body
Bearing Type LSL and double sealed cartridge bearings
Spindle Spec Forged, Heat-Treated and CNC Machined Cromoly Steel Axle (9/16)
Cleat Type SPD Compatible
Float 4 degrees
Colors Black
Weight 0 lb 13.4 oz (380 g)
Miscellaneous The VP-VX (VP-VX2000) is our classic SPD® compatible pedal. The VP VX offers solid all-around off-road performance and durability. The VX pedal is designed to be used as a rugged and durable clip-in pedal for mountain bikes but is also perfect for road and commuting riders who prefer the versatility of two-bolt systems. The VX features a forged, CNC machined, and heat treated Cromoly axle for strength. The VX uses our tried and true LSL and double sealed cartridge bearing system with wide bearing placement for the right mix of low-weight and durability.
Price $70
More Info

The VP-VX is part of the VX Series -our all new SPD®compatible pedal line-up.

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