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Vorsprung Secus

Vorsprung Secus
 Vorsprung Secus  Vorsprung Secus  Vorsprung Secus  Vorsprung Secus
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Product Vorsprung Secus
  • Improved small bump compliance, particularly in the early travel
  • Midstroke Support Valve improves predictability and support beyond the sag point
  • Reduced lower leg pneumatic ramp means better scalability of the air spring, particularly for light riders who previously struggled to use full travel
  • Plush and predictable like a coil, bottomless like an air spring
  • Allows full use of travel in both directions - fully extends to topout and fully compresses without excessive ramp
  • Considerably lighter than coil conversions - adds approximately 130g
  • Allows more lower leg bath oil to be used for lubrication
  • Simple setup - inflate fork, bounce on it a few times, press MSV charge button, go ride
  • Compatible with OEM volume spacers for end-stroke progression adjustment
  • Compatible with other aftermarket top-cap systems such as DSD RUNT and MRP Ramp Control Cartridges
  • Lower compression ratios mean a more consistent spring rate
  • Compatible with most FOX and RockShox forks
  • Transferrable between any Secus-compatible forks with only a footstud to change at most
  • 12-month crash replacement guarantee
  • Designed and manufactured in Whistler, Canada
  • MSRP $425CAD (approx $320 USD at time of release)
  • Miscellaneous The Secus upgrade attaches to your factory air shaft assembly to deliver an air spring system indistinguishably close to the linear spring rate of a coil fork for the entire first 2/3rds of its travel, with the advantage of a gentle end stroke progression to prevent bottoming without the “wall of force” harshness that excessively progressive springs create.

    Three Stages of Control:

    Initial stroke - enlarged negative air spring chamber delivers a soft, supple initial stroke for ultimate small bump compliance

    Mid stroke - where traditional air spring rates drop off in the midstroke, Vorsprung's proprietary Midstroke Support Valve (MSV) technology boosts the midstroke spring rate to maintain linearity, for support, predictability, ride height and compliance

    End stroke - enlarged lower leg volume reduces overall progression even at higher pressures and allows for a wider range of end-stroke ramp options to be utilized with standard fork volume spacers.

    Price $320
    More Info

    Superior Spring Curve to Coil? Vorsprung Launches the Secus

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