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While at Crankworx Whistler, we spotted a few teams and riders using Answer ProTaper bars with unique graphics. What really sparked our curiosity was how the finish appeared to be within the metal, rather than on top of it. 


We rang up Answer to get the scoop. Here's how the custom bars are made:

"Answer ProTaper custom graphics are an interruption in the anodizing process.  The bars are manufactured and processed the same way, however, after we’ve created the anodic coating we pull the part offline (If you were to look at the coating under magnification, you would find millions of pores which allow for dye saturation).  At this point we print a graphic out onto a special media and apply it to the part and fuse the graphic into the pores of the anodic coating.  We then go back online and seal the pores of the coating the same way it would be sealed had we dyed the part with a solid color.  This process meets all military, automotive and industrial specifications.

One great advantage with the process over hydro-graphics/film dips is that the graphic is in the metal, not sitting on top of the substrate, therefore, it won’t peel or flake off like that of film dips. The other great advantage is that we can hold tight tolerances because the graphic is in the metal."

Answer ProTaper DH Bars with Canadian C-Works Graphics (click to enlarge)
PhotoAnswer ProTaper DH Bars with Camo Grey Graphics (click to enlarge)
Answer ProTaper Bars with custom graphics are available to the public, but only in limited production runs. Visit for more details.
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