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Shimano Release Race-Specific Firmware Update for Shimano EP801 Motor

Now riders can enjoy the modes and features developed by Shimano's EDR World Cup teams.

Shimano’s race-winning EP801 drive unit receives exciting new features and more customization options with the latest firmware update. Developed with Shimano’s world-cup winning Yeti / Shimano EP Racing team and proven by Orbea’s OOLab and Rotwild Schwalbe Enduro teams, the new features include a higher assist level for Boost Mode, a customizable max speed cutoff progression, and extended carry-over assist when riders stop pedaling. The firmware update is available to all current EP801 riders and will be standard on all bikes built after the firmware release. Together, these new features complement the 600 watts of the EP801 drive unit to deliver the most exciting, natural, and powerful E-MTB system for racing and riding.


Higher Assist in Boost Mode

With the new SHIMANO EP801 firmware update, the assist level of the system’s highest boost setting is now even higher, achieving the maximum 400% assist ratio with ease. That means a quicker response when the rider pushes the pedals, with maximum torque delivered when it’s needed most. Tested and proven on the EDR-E World Cup Power Stages, this new assist level is a game changer for race-winning efforts and will make everyday riding even more exciting, letting riders tackle the most challenging technical climbs with confidence.

Customizable Max Speed Cutoff

Riders can now customize how the EP801 system cuts off power when the max assist speed is reached. Whether you want a more natural wind-down of power for a smooth cutoff or want to maximize the assist all the way to the cutoff point—the choice is yours. This is just another way EP801 delivers the most customizable system for riders to create the perfect setup for their racing and riding needs.


Uninterrupted Power Delivery

The most exciting feature delivered with the new EP801 firmware update is the extended assist carryover when the rider stops pedaling. This is a key race advantage, allowing riders to stop pedaling for a moment in the middle of the most technical and challenging terrain while the motor continues their forward momentum. Now, riders can focus on getting through tricky sections of trail smoothly – without losing momentum or balance.


The duration of this extended assist mode can be customized between short, medium and long, so riders can fine-tune the assist based on the riding terrain, race-specific needs, or by what feels most natural.

And, just as easily as the extended assist mode goes into action over rough terrain, it can just as easily be cancelled. The system automatically turns off the extended assist when the rider backpedals, providing ultimate control over speed and assist.


AUTO SHIFT also receives significant improvements after continued development with Yeti / Shimano EP Racing’s Mick Hannah, who is using this function in EDR-E race stages. This update supports more aggressive riding with faster shifts while braking hard or accelerating quickly. Additionally, AUTO SHIFT will pause when the rider overrides the automatic shifting with a manual shift on a descent. This is crucial for setting up for scenarios like G-outs and rapid braking into tight corners with hard pedaling out of them where only the rider can choose the perfect gear.  AUTO SHIFT then resumes on its own for the rest of the descent. 


Firmware Availability

The new firmware is available free to all EP801 bike owners. Riders will need to visit their local dealer to have the firmware update applied. Any new EP801 bikes assembled after June 25 will roll off the assembly line with these new capabilities pre-installed at the factory.


An update to Shimano’s E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist smartphone app will be released this autumn and will allow riders to perform this firmware update and customize their EP801 setting on their own.

Until then, please visit your local dealer to update your EP801 bike.


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