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Introducing BYB Chrono: the Ultimate Lap Timing Solution for MTB and MX

Monitor and compare your times with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency and simplicity.

Brescia, IT - BYB Tech, an Italian leading company in innovation and design of data acquisition system for off road suspensions, is thrilled to unveil its latest plug and play device: Chrono, the new lap timing system for MTB and MX, designed to revolutionize and maximize performance tracking across various activities. Whether you're an athlete, a coach, or a sports enthusiast, BYB Chrono empowers you to monitor and compare your times with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency and simplicity.

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BYB Chrono is an advanced timing system capable of measuring extremely accurate times. The device incorporates multiple advanced technological solution simultaneously. These solutions, when used together, enhance the analysis and quality of the acquired data.

Chrono can operate in the following modes:

  • GPS
  • GPS + Speed Sensor
  • GPS + External Trigger
  • GPS + Speed Sensor + External Trigger

Derived from automotive technology, Chrono's GPS is extremely accurate and can ensure precision up to just 50 cm. This is made possible by the use of advanced, multi band and multi constellation modules, as well as acquiring GPS points at a high frequency (25Hz). This allows for perfectly drawn trajectories, smoothly curved and not jagged, even at high speeds. In addition to the GPS mode, which is always active, it is possible to activate several distinct configuration modes at will:

1. Speed Sensor: BYB Chrono features a built-in speed sensor, which works by placing a simple magnet on the spokes. This mode allows for extremely precise calculation of speed and distance, significantly improving the quality of data when comparing different runs.

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2. External Trigger: This small device works like a transponder and it can be placed along the track, allowing for extremely accurate timing . The time is calculated directly at the rider's passage. Depending on whether you are on open circuits (such as for downhill), it is necessary to use a pair of triggers, one positioned at the start and one at the end. If you are on a closed circuit (for example, XC and motocross), just position a single trigger near the finish line.

BYB Chrono - External trigger

With BYB Chrono's external trigger capability, users can customize their timing experience to suit their specific needs, by offering unparallel flexibility and precision for diverse applications. Unlike other existing timing systems on the market, which only provide lap time, Chrono's aim from the outset has been to offer accurate time data (using remote triggers), coupled with the ability to understand where the rider is gaining/losing time. This is made possible by the GPS map, coupled with the times provided by the triggers. Drawing from the experience gained on race tracks worldwide,
thanks to BYB Telemetry, which is currently used by the best World Cup teams, BYB Chrono aims to be a user friendly and accessible personal device for everyone, with the goal of helping as many riders as possible become aware of their performances, better understanding which areas of the track they can improve their performances.

Smartphone app - Open lap

"At BYB, we are committed to empowering athletes and enthusiasts alike with innovative solutions that enhance their performance journey," said Enrico Rodella , CEO at BYB Tech. "With BYB Chrono, we've leveraged cutting edge technology to create a timing system that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our users. Whether you're striving for personal bests or seeking a competitive edge, BYB Chrono is your ultimate companion for precision performance tracking."

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But that's not all! The acquired files can be downloaded in seconds and analyzed through the free smartphone app, providing users with comprehensive insights into their performance in order to allow every rider to improve them by analyzing their run in detail, simply and accurately . From run data and segment/lap times to trigger times and accurate speed measurements, BYB Chrono's smartphone app empowers users to delve deep into their performance metrics, enabling informed decision making and targeted improvements. With the ability to select and analyze specific lines, users can pinpoint areas for enhancement and track progress over time.

Beyond its versatile configurations, BYB Chrono boasts intuitive usability and robust durability, ensuring seamless integration into any training or competition environment. Supported by a team of experts committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, BYB Chrono sets the
standard for excellence in timing technology. Join the timing revolution with BYB Chrono and elevate your performance to new heights. Learn more
about BYB Chrono and explore its limitless possibilities today.

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