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iXS drops their huge sponsored athlete list for 2014! Who's your favorite?

Press Release

Cedric Gracia

Cedric "CG" Gracia is the next big rider to be added to the group of professional mountain bike athletes supported by iXS. From the mid-90’s Gracia has been competing at the top of both downhill and 4cross racing, riding for the Sunn, Cannondale and Commencal factory teams. Recently setting up his own team the “CG Racing Brigade", riding Santa Cruz bikes.  Gracia is famous for throwing tricks at top speeds, winning world cup races as well as the Red Bull Rampage, he continues to be one of the most well-known and popular riders in the sport today.

After a couple of serious injuries Cedric Gracia has been shifting his focus towards producing downhill video clips and competing in enduro races for 2013. As per 2014 "CG" will be using protective gear and helmets from iXS, He will also be involved in the development of new products in order to present his own signature series in the future. We are looking forward to the cooperation with this living legend of the sport. We are convinced that Gracia is going to help iXS grow its successful line of products and brand awareness.



When developing new protective gear and helmets, downhill racing is still considered as the true test in terms of optimized protection and freedom to move. This is why iXS has further expanded its commitment to this important category for 2014. Norco’s factory team with Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson will be riding both protective gear and clothing from iXS. We also continue to support the Evil World Cup Team with riders Morgane Charre, Luke Strobel, Florent Payet, Toni Ferreiro, Cyrille Kurtz and Filip Polc.  We are also supporting the American KHS factory team  with Logan Binggeli with iXS’ helmets, clothing and protective gear. Last but certainly not least two additional teams have decided to cooperate with iXS for 2014: Hutchinson United Ride’s Tracey Hannah, Fabien Cousinie and Guillaume Cauvin will be riding iXS helmets, and the RRP Ghost Team with Johannes Fischbach, David Trummer, Harry Molloy and Phil Atwill will get the full treatment with iXS providing the protective gear, clothing and helmets.

Norco Team Intl.

  • Jill Kintner (USA)
  • Bryn Atkinson (AUS)

Evil WC Team

  • Morgane Charre (FRA)
  • Florent Payet  (FRA)
  • Toni Ferreiro (ESP)
  • Filip Polc (SLK)
  • Cyrille Kurtz (FRA)
  • Luke Strobel (USA)

UR Team

  • Tracey Hannah (AUS)
  • Guillaume Cauvin (FRA)
  • Fabien Couisinie (FRA)

KHS Factory Team

  • Logan Binggeli (USA)
  • Kevin Aiello (USA)
  • Quinton Spaulding (USA)

RRP Ghost Team

  • Johannes Fischbach (GER)
  • David Trummer (AUT)
  • Harry Molloy (GBR)
  • Phil Atwill (GBR)

Individual Riders

  • Marcus Klausmann (GER)
  • Andi Sieber (GER)

Freeride / Big Mountain / Dirt

In the freeride/Big mountain segment riders Darren Berrecloth, Geoff Gulevich, Matt Hunter and Chris Van Dine have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done again and again. Young Polish rider Szymon Godziek has also been causing quite a stir with mad tricks such as the bar spin cashroll, and he’s likely to compete for the top spots in many contests in 2014. The feedback of these riders are enormously valuable in order to improve existing products or to develop entirely new helmets, protective gear and clothing. For 2014, some additional riders are relying on protective gear from iXS: Czech Tomas Zejda is a dirt jump and slopestyle specialist and a regular starter at events of the FMB-World Tour. From Canada, both Garrett Robertson and Mark Matthews prefer extreme terrain and were invited to compete at the Red Bull Rampage in 2013 for the first time. Add to that three more talented Canadian dirt jumpers and freeriders Sam Dueck, Nick Clark and Alex Volokov and iXS has a talented group of freeriders in the stable

  • Darren Berrecloth (CAN)
  • Geoff Gulevich (CAN)
  • Chris Van Dine (USA)
  • Matt Hunter (CAN)
  • Szymon Godziek (POL)
  • Tomas Zejda (CZE)
  • Garrett Robertson (CAN)
  • Mark Matthews (CAN)
  • Bienve Aguado Alba (ESP)
  • Ryan Berrecloth (CAN)
  • Sam Dueck (CAN)
  • Nick Clark (CAN)
  • Alex Volokov (CAN)
  • Wolfgang Leitner (AUT)


The enduro format has been taking the mountain bike world by storm recently. No wonder, it’s simply a whole lot of fun to pedal up all the climbs without the stress of competing and then try to be as fast as possible on tricky trails that mostly lead down the hill. As far as the equipment such as protective gear is concerned, it has to be comfortable enough to be worn all day and still be up to its task when needed. Thanks to input from riders such as Rene Wildhaber, Francois Bailly-Maetre (winner of 2013’s Megavalanche Reunion race), Florian Golay, Kerstin Kegler and Aaron Bradford of the BMC Enduro Team, iXS has been gaining a lot of valuable experience for product development. With Cedric Gracia bringing his energy and enthusiasm to enduro he will surely boost the iXS brand awareness even further. Hutchinson United Ride Enduro Team riders Jamie Nicoll and Aurelien Giordanengo will be two more riders will be on helmets and protective gear from iXS.

BMC Enduro Team

  • Francois Bailly-Maitre (FRA)
  • Florian Golay (SUI)
  • Aaron Bradford (USA)
  • Kerstin Kegler (GER)
  • Ralph Nef (SUI)

UR Team

  • Jamie Nicoll (NZL)
  • Aurelien Giordanengo (FRA)

Individual Riders

  • Cedric Gracia (AND)
  • Rene Wildhaber (SUI)


Racing is an important part, but the true essence of mountain biking is unforgettable adventures in a breathtaking scenery. When it comes to that, it’s hard to beat world class riders Hans Rey and Richie Schley. These two riders have been showing their extraordinary skills in the most exotic places around the world. They both rely on iXS’ protective gear, and have contributed to the development of new products such as the lightweight Flow Series protectors or the Trail RS helmet. Another trail ambassador for iXS is Guido Tschugg.  He still has the goods to compete in 4cross races, is an active trail builder and needs versatile protective gear for those long adventurous trips.

On top of that, iXS is going to launch a women-specific protector collection that has been developed in cooperation with the Trek Gravity Girls.

Trek Gravity Girls

  • Steffi Marth (GER)
  • Kathy Kuypers (GER)
  • Katja Rupf (SUI)
  • Birgit Braumann (AUT)

Individual Riders

  • Hans Rey (USA-GER-SUI)
  • Richie Schley (CAN)
  • Guido Tschugg (GER)
  • Manfred Stromberg (GER)
  • David Schmied (GER)
  • Dana Schweika (GER)
  • Kamil Tatarkovic (CZE)
  • Kenny Belaey (BEL)
  • Tammy Donahugh (USA)
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