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Freeride Fiesta Returns in 2023

Guadalajara, Mexico, 14 November 2022 – Johny Salido is bringing back his own Freeride Fiesta for 2023. For the 3rd edition of Latin America’s biggest Freeride Event, Johny and his crew have some big surprises and a slightly different course for the riders to send and the fans to watch.

We are back with the 3rd Edition of Fortaleza Freeride Fiesta. This event started with Johny Salido's vision of helping young and talented riders have a shot at riding at a world-class event alongside the world's best. Partnering up with his buddy Oscar Tobogangster and putting in months of work, they created Freeride Fiesta. After 2 successful years, we are stoked to be hosting the biggest Freeride Event in Latin America again on January 21st 2023.
Johny Salido:

“I’m super stoked to be hosting my own event again in January 2023. Having all my riding buddies from around the world come to my hometown and share a week of riding, partying and good times is as good as it gets. But, on the other hand, I’m equally stoked to be helping grow the Mexican and Latin American freeride scene and help riders progress and reach their goals. I’m sure this year’s event will be the best yet but not as cool as the next one.” | @freeridefiesta


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