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Chris King Introduces Generation 4 Hub System

Introducing universalized axles and drivers for easier upgrading and more affordable maintenance.

Chris King Precision Components has announced a switchover to a new hub system, referred to internally as Gen 4. The new hub system's main changes are universalized drivers and axles. This is not a performance-based evolution. King’s signature bearings and RingDrive system remain the same, but Gen 4 makes service and upgrades easier and less expensive, with the intention of lowering the overall cost of ownership and increasing the useful life of each hub.

The evolution from the previous hub designs to the new Gen 4 system marks a leap forward in performance and serviceability. The previous generation featured the legendary RingDrive system coupled with a needle bearing design, which was phased out in 2019. Although effective, it was complex to manufacture, heavier, and exhibited 20% more drag compared to what was to follow. The twin-bearing system notably reduced drag; however, this design necessitated multiple axle and internal driver body variations. With the introduction of their Gen 4 hubs, CKPC streamlined the approach, offering universal compatibility and enhanced efficiency without compromising on their hallmark precision and durability.

"Previous iterations of our hubs needed to balance compatibility with evolving external technologies, like the SRAM and Shimano drive systems, with our patented internals and bearings,” explains King Sales Manager Greg Hudson. “With those core systems having stabilized, it gave us an opportunity to rethink what was going on inside our hubs, and so we took the chance to simplify things for our riders and streamline manufacturing.”

Specific improvements with Gen 4 include:

  • Brand new driver/axle system
  • Improved compatibility/ease of changing Driveshell types
  • Lower-priced conversion kits
  • Better XDR user experience with threaded Driveshell end cap
  • Easier assembly and disassembly (no axle wedge)
  • Simpler preload adjustment (no spacer spring to compress)
  • More versatility due to universal axle and internal parts
  • More cross-compatibility due to common bearing sizes
  • Backward compatibility with previous generations of King hubs
  • Gen 4 R45D hubs utilize an updated adjusting clamp that allows for disc removal without the need to remove the adjusting clamp.

Hudson continues, “For Gen 4 we undertook a holistic development process for each of the three hub products Boost CenterLock/6-Bolt, R45D, and R45, collapsing the specs into a design that allows for a universal axle and internal parts. In previous generations, we chased specs that led us to different bearing sizes, etc. Gen 4’s universal parts have allowed us to streamline manufacturing, and as a result, helped us reduce hub prices AND the cost of the small parts long-term riders will want for hub service and upgrades.”

Once outfitted with the Gen 4 system, transitioning to different drive systems will cost just $80. This represents a significant reduction compared to our previous conversion kits priced at $380 in 2023. Moving forward, Gen 4 R45D and Boost 6-Bolt conversion kits are priced at $275, which includes the axle, adjusting clamp, bearings, and driveshell. Similarly, Boost CenterLock conversion kits are priced at $250, inclusive of the axle, bearings, and driveshell.

The introduction of Gen 4 hubs underscores Chris King's commitment to sustainability by extending hub lifecycles and minimizing long-term ownership costs. Gen 4 hubs are shipping now along with being built into wheels.


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