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Video: Vallnord Race Recap from Intense Factory Racing 1


Shark attack cheesing in the rain, waiting to make his move this week.

Great vibes at the beginning of the week. New day, steep track.

John checking tire pressure. Making sure Aaron is ready for practice.

It's the 4th of July so we have to include the obligatory American flag.

Putting it in the goggle strap seemed to the trick for a couple runs.

Neko in attack mode making the best of the loose conditions.

Low and wide; Jack with the signature race car stance.

The three stages of pushing the front tire. "I can save it. Yup, that happened and the mental check."

Neko taking a shoulder tuck to a new level. Even with these smooth moves Neko missed the cut off with a 68th place.


"This weekend was a rough one for me as I struggled with arm pump on this long, steep track. I had a strategy for my race run, but it didn’t quite work out and I missed the cut for finals. Bummed about the way that went down, but looking onward to next weekend and coming back stronger.”- Neko Mulally


With a bum finger from yesterday's shale ridden slide out aaron was able to walk away with a 14th place.

With some help of loose inside lines, Jack was able to take a safe 29th in quali's.

Aaron had a meeting with a tree that unfortunately put a tiny hiccup in the race weekend. 


Well here’s what ended the weekend for me. Had been brushin' this tree every lap but got a little off-balance in the dust and nailed it. This was last lap of practice before the race and man was really startin' to feel good that morning. Disappointing start to the season to say the least but we’ll be back. Hurt both shoulders in the crash. Flew home yesterday, gonna go see my doctor today and hopefully get some good news so I can be back soon. Thanks to my team for all the love I’m so bummed I’ve gotta miss Les Gets was really lookin' forward to that one. Congrats to my boy Jack Moir for holdin' it down Saturday with a top 10 I know the struggles you’ve fought through this year and I’m proud of ya dude. Keep you guys posted when I know what’s up.—Aaron Gwin


All eyes are on Jack now. We'll see if the change in line choice in split 1 will work in his favor.

Jack holding it down for the team with a 10th place.


“Really happy with how this weekend turned out. The first half of this year has been a bit of a struggle, and after a lot of hard work, I finally feel like things are starting to turn around. Lets keep it rolling for Les Gets."- Jack Moir


John telling Aaron and Todd if added a flux compacter will increase braking power.


“In short, I’m not one who believes much in ‘bad luck’ or ‘we just need a break’. I believe most happens due to circumstance, most of which are within our control. As a race team, we are here to represent our sponsors and partners to the best of our abilities. For that reason, I think our race went well. On one hand a tough situation for Aaron, and on the other hand a great result for Jack. So I guess we accept the positives and negatives equally, and progress forward. For now, Aaron is heading home to see a specialist regarding his shoulder injuries, and then we’ll take it from there. I’ll update you as we know more.” - Todd Schumlick



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