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The All-New Specialized Deflect SWAT Jacket 4

Easily stowed and deployed, designed to handle the elements, the Deflect SWAT jacket is sure to save riders from unexpected conditions.

Your relationship with the weather forecast can be touch and go. Sometimes the forecast is right, but oftentimes, not so much. And for when the weather doesn't want to cooperate, there's the DeflectTM Jacket with SWATTM. Pertex Nylon was used for its breathability and wind resistance, and with a DWR coat, it's also water-resistant.

Deflect Jacket - Men's $125 USD

To add to its mountain capability, we've added abrasion-resistant panels to the arms of the jacket, so it won't rip or tear easily when you're shredding singletrack. Unlike many of our other SWATTM products, this jacket doesn't house a myriad of pockets. Instead, it has one—simple and clean. While it may seem like a normal stuff pocket, it's actually been designed in a rectangular shape to fit into the down tube of our SWATTM-equipped bikes. 

The DeflectTM Jacket with SWATTM is sure to be your go-to variable weather jacket, both on and off the bike.


  • The DeflectTM jacket uses lightweight Pertex Quantum Air fabric engineered to offer wind and water resistance with best-in-class breathability for hard efforts.
  • Minimal bulk and a built-in pocket helps it fit into any pocket, pack, or bike equipped with SWATTM.
  • Pertex nylon fabric is coupled with a DWR treatment to protect against water.
  • Abrasion panels are designed to protect the jacket through the toughest trail conditions.
  • Under helmet integrated scuba hood with fixed elastic binding creates added protection with the perfect fit.

Deflect Jacket - Women's $125 USD

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