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The Central European mountain bike stage is getting louder every day. Not only the results of the bikers, but also the increasing public interest could be taken as proof. Thanks to that we can also see a visible improvement in local film productions focused on extreme sports. One of them is Fullface Productions, who are now on the film market for their seventh season. You might know them due to the MTB film Spectrum or the purely girly video SugarBeat. For spring 2014 they have prepared another ambitious film project - Signatures.


"Signatures is a film, which we have practically been preparing for three years, since the premiere of our last MTB film Spectrum. We intended to shoot a new bike film, cause it's actually what we do enjoy the most", says director & cinematographer Martin Vrbicky.

Guido Tschugg, Leogang, foto: Jan Kasl

"According to the increasing trend of somewhat artistic or somehow philosophical influence in sport film, we have chosen the path, which might seem for some as a step back. We have decided to make a pure bike film!". So we can promise you that the neverending contemplation about the meaning of mountain biking or it's relation to nature or about the fatality of the mountain bike lifestyle are not the topics you will find in Signatures. In this film you will simply see mountain biking and the main lure is the actual performance of each biker, as it used to be then. "The fact that we want to come back to the roots of MTB films definitely doesn't mean we are going to slip back in time technically. Cranes, helicopters or ultra slow motions are a big part of the film!" says producer & cinematographer Stepan Romanov.

Filip Polc, Praha, foto: Jan Kasl

The film will be divided into several chapters, each for a separate location. "In our last MTB film Spectrum we decided to break the former common habit of dividing the film into each bikers crew section. We have made the chapters according to the locations, or indeed the disciplines. And it was a success...", says director & cinematographer Martin Vrbicky. Like Spectrum, the film Signatures will contain huge range of MTB disciplines. From street and trial through dirt and competitive disciplines as DH or 4X to the increasingly popular Enduro.

Tomáš Slavík, Bali, foto: Jan Kasl

Fullface Productions crew began filming in summer of 2012, when an urban DH segment was realized with Slovak star Filip Polc in the historical centres of Bratislava and Prague. A profile of a veteran Guiddo Tschugg was also made in Austrian village Leogang that summer. After these two events, our guys, more precisely Michal Maroši, Tomáš Slavík and Tomáš Zejda, travelled to exotic Bali to test the viability of local Hindu temples and three thousand metres high volcanoes.

Michal Maroši, Bali, foto: Jan Kasl

"The video will contain nine parts in total, so we will have enough work through the summer. We are starting to shoot again in April, when the star-studded dirt part should happen, and then we'll work hard till October. We plan to edit over the winter and in spring 2014 we'll expand the premiere tour", says producer & cinematographer Stepan Romanov.

Tomáš Zejda, Bali, foto: Jan Kasl

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