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Shaums March Launches Online Skills Coaching with Mountain Bike Training Center 1

Become a better rider with a series of online workshops that use video review for assessment and guiding.

The Mountain Bike Training Center, lead by Shaums March, offers mountain bikers from around the globe access to professional coaching and training via video courses and lessons.

Shaums March, two time masters world champion in downhill, OG Rampage competitor and former Redbull sponsored athlete, has for the past 20 years been coaching and training riders of all levels and abilities, from new riders to world champions. As USA Cycling’s current technical skills coach, Shaums has been training Kate Courtney, the 2018 XC World Champion for the past 4 years. Shaums also runs a local mountain bike coaching business “March Northwest” in Bellingham, WA and is the lead coach for the Bike Instructor Certification Program. Did we mention he shreds???


The Mountain Bike Training Center’s focus is to make years of hands on coaching experience now available online for riders of all levels and will be based on membership subscriptions as well as free content. In the first stage, both fundamentals and other popular topics will be covered, such as descending, braking, cornering, climbing, jumps, drops and more.

I’m proud to be offering this service which is the first of its depth for the mountain bike industry. Giving quality and consistent coaching online is rare, and with today’s internet allowing anyone to post up their thoughts, the mountain bike industry needs a credible resource for getting online coaching. - Shaums March

The Mountain Bike Training Center is offering early bird pricing for new members joining now, and for 20 lucky participants the opportunity to participate in a “test pilot” program.

Along with video courses and lessons, premium members can enjoy an online forum for discussion with other riders, professional instructors as well as the option to submit their own training videos in order to receive personal feedback from the team.

All courses and lessons are built on the proven method of progression and self-assessment, in order to give students clear instructions and goals to see results.

Within the upcoming weeks and months, weekly content updates including new lessons and courses are expected as the Mountain Bike Training Center will increase its coverage of topics as well as the number of detailed lessons for each topic. The site will also feature a special section dedicated to instructors and helping them to improve the quality of the coaching they offer to local riders.

The Mountain Bike Training Center is building up to cater to riders, instructors and organizations running their own mountain bike programs – we offer mountain bikers a new channel for learning, progressing and growing their confidence to have more fun with our sport.

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Errors and corrections: Common Braking errors (1 lesson out of brake control course )


Sample lesson: Ready Position (1 lesson out of fundamental movements course)



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