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Pro-Level Telemetry for Everybody? | BYB Telemetry Launch 1

Italian start-up BYB Telemetry is proposing to package a professional telemetry solution to make it more accessible and easier to use for weekend warriors and pros alike.

BYB Telemetry detects the motion of the suspension and other dynamic parameters of the MTB while riding. It allows everyone to visualize the movement of the suspension, thereby making it possible for everyone to base the setting on quantitative information instead of feelings. Through an analysis app, it tells how to tune the knobs of your suspension to provide the perfect set-up, according to the needs of the rider and the track characteristic. 

Enrico Rodella, the co-founder of BYB Telemetry, engineer and downhill instructor, explained: “Everyone would like to have a bike that can go smoothly through a technical section, like the ones of the World Cup top riders. Unfortunately, this bliss is only for a few fortunate people. In reality, most of us struggle just in finding a decent suspension set-up. We designed BYB Telemetry because we want to give an intuitive and easy-to-use product for getting the best out of your bike.” 

BYB Telemetry is similar to the telemetry system used in the UCI World Cup circuit by the factory teams, with which we share the same sensors. It has been developed in the racing environment, with the aim of maximize the performance and overcoming the limits of the communication between the rider and the technician. It was used by Enrico (the co-founder) in the race that saw him claim the title of Italian downhill amateur champion. 

BYB telemetry also provides the best suspension set-up for amateur riders. With the power of the data, everyone can visualize the behavior of the suspension. Having data instead of sensations can drastically speed up the process of finding the perfect suspension set-up, maximizing the speed, comfort, and security, either during a race weekend or just at the bike park on a Sunday. 

BYB Telemetry is universal, compact and lightweight. It is designed to fit on any downhill, enduro, cross-country, and e-bike. It is entirely designed and made in Italy. It is composed by a set of sensors that can be installed on every fork and shock with universal supports. The heart of the system is the electronic acquisition unit: a CNC milled aluminum case, water and dustproof. It also includes an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a GPS to provide the most accurate tracking of the ride. It communicates via wifi with the provided advanced visualization software, for a more precise analysis (for professional riders and suspension aficionados) or with an app for the automated setting of the suspension (mostly for the amateurs). 

BYB Telemetry is the result of our passion. We can’t wait to share this technology! We want to make the best personalized setup accessible to every rider, helping them getting the best out of their bikes. BYB Telemetry is available from today up to the 17th of January. Early-bird discount of 40% on the retail price will be available for the first backers. You can discover all the details on the Kickstarter page.

About the Team 

  • Enrico Rodella: Master degree in industrial automation engineering, amateur downhill national champion, downhill teacher at Downhill Academy. 
  • Stefano Calati: Master degree in physics, currently PhD at Max Plank Institute, weekend rider and data analyst. 


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