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Introducing the New SDG Tellis Adjustable Dropper Lever 5

The new lever offers an intelligent design for unparalleled adjustments and overall function.

When the Tellis dropper made its debut in 2018, there were plenty of skeptics. Rightfully so – how does a “Saddle” company produce a functional dropper? The short answer was endless testing and continuous refinement – a core DNA trait of SDG which is passionately shared from their entire crew. Now, after 3+ years on the market and numerous positive reviews later, the Tellis has proven to be a dependable workhorse – one that simply just works, drop after drop. But while the Tellis dropper evolved, there was no question that they needed a premium lever to complement. So they did just that.


The Tellis is the dropper of choice for many riders and elite racers around the world, along with leading bike brands using the Tellis as OEM, including: Santa Cruz, YT, Devinci, Commencal, Cube, Norco, Guerilla Gravity, Orange, Radon, WAO and others.

The new Tellis Adjustable Lever offers an intelligent design for unparalleled adjustments and overall function, while still retaining one the softest actuations in the game. It was a collective effort as the SDG product team worked closely with engineering in Canada and Taiwan, key OE partners and their team of global test riders through numerous samples and revisions. Dig into the details below and see how the Tellis Adjustable Lever will enhance your next ride, with a simple set it and forget it experience.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Many remote levers are limited to a single or dual, pre-set orientation. The new Tellis Adjustable lever offers 10mm of Lateral Slide directly at the mounting bracket, while also adding 22.5-degrees of Rotational Reach Adjustment which is simply controlled by the main assembly bolt. This allows you to find your perfect position, no matter your hand size or riding preference.

Modular Clamp Design 

We all want a cleaner cockpit, so SDG enhanced the original version by making the new Lever directly compatible with SRAM MatchMaker X™ and Shimano I-Spec EV™, along with a 22.2mm bar mount option. These adapters are also sold separately, while additional brake mount assemblies are also in the works.

Enhanced Actuation 

Ball bearings sound great, yet they are generally best used to support spinning shafts, not short throw movements. The Tellis Adjustable Lever is constructed with a larger, proven double bushing design, which provides substantially less drag than the old ball bearing. This also allows the lever to be more compact, lighter, and more economical than most aftermarket options on the market.

Washer & Bolt Cable Clamp

The cable is now secured and enhanced with a bolt and washer for added security. This also helps avoid damage imposed by simple grub screw designs.

Recessed & Machined Traction Paddle

Comfort and traction are essential for any dropper lever. With the recessed thumb pocket, concave paddle shape, added knurling and the same soft actuation as the original Lever, the new Tellis Adjustable offers a premium feel and function. 

Love It or Hate It 

For a limited time, the Lever is offered in the Fuel PVD finish, which will match any of your Oil Slick components or the Bel-Air V3 Fuel Edition saddle. Of course for riders looking to fly more under the radar, the lever will also available in black. 

The SDG Tellis Adjustable Dropper is now available worldwide, starting at $49.99 USD/EUR MSRP. 

"Been running the Tellis dropper from the beginning and loving it. I like things simple and new Lever is good for me because it always works, and it works smooth."

"The Tellis Adjustable remote ticks all of the boxes. It’s super adjustable, takes up minimal space on my bars and has the lightest action I’ve ever felt in a dropper remote. I can’t ask for more."

"The added adjustments are awesome for tricks. It’s great to have the compact lever out of the way when needed, but always there for a climb."

Ride in Good Company

It’s good to be in the company of people who understand your needs. It’s also good to know that the company behind your parts are not just another company, but a small passionate team developing and innovating some of the best bike saddles and components since 1993. There’s a reason why the top pros and bike brands in the world ride SDG. It’s because it all comes down to riding with, for, and In Good Company.

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