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Deviate Cycles Releases New High Pivot Trail Bike - the Highlander 1

140 millimeters of travel, 29-inch wheels, and a high-pivot idler frame lets this trail bike punch well above its weight.

We have designed the Highlander from the ground-up with the sole focus of creating the world's most capable trail bike. A true all-rounder: the Highlander is equally at home covering ground on an epic journey across a mountain range or smashing out laps at your local bike park. It really is a one bike quiver.


The all-carbon Highlander boasts 140mm of rear travel, 29" wheels, balanced geometry and a progressive leverage curve. At a glance, the numbers would suggest nothing too out of the ordinary for a modern trail bike. However, lay your eyes on the bike itself and the high pivot suspension design and chain idler demand attention.

This is not our first rodeo into the world of high pivot point bikes. The high pivot point gearbox powered 160mm Guide released in 2017 is an enduro bike sporting DH levels of suspension performance. Our new Highlander trail bike takes this same suspension concept and packages it up in a shorter travel, more agile and potent chassis. In a ground-up redesign, we switched the gearbox for a conventional derailleur, added 29" wheels, reduced the travel to 140mm and re-designed the suspension kinematics to create a more progressive leverage curve.

Deviate Highlander Highlights

  • Material: Carbon
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 140mm
  • Front Travel: 140 - 160mm
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Crash Replacement Policy

Why Use a High Pivot Point?

The effect of the high pivot point on the trail is profound. The resulting rearward axle path moves the rear wheel away from impacts maintaining forward momentum. There is a reason that high pivot bikes are dominating downhill racing at the moment. The 140mm of rear travel has descending capabilities, especially when pushed hard, that rival bikes with far more rear travel. Using a chain idler allows precise optimisation of the suspension characteristics for potent climbing, calibrated for pedalling efficiency without compromising downhill performance. Anti-squat is controlled precisely with the idler placement and pedal kickback is negligible.


The all-rounder nature of the Highlander is carried forward with the balanced geometry: featuring a 65.5 degree head angle, 76 degree seat angle and generous reach. Plenty of stand-over and the ability to run a super-long dropper defines the Highlander’s character as playful, composed, and most importantly, a confidence inspiring trail bike. This isn't a bike built to win races - even though it certainly could - it's built to put a smile on your face wherever the trail takes you.

Sizing Guide

The Highlands of Scotland

Deviate Cycles, as a Scottish bike manufacturer, has developed and tested the Highlander in the rugged Scottish Highlands. The huge variety of terrain and challenging conditions make Scotland the perfect testing ground for any bike. As the saying goes "if it works in Scotland, it works anywhere". 

Frame Details

An engineer's passion, up close no design details have been overlooked. To increase durability we’ve used fully sealed bearings with twin lip wiper seals on each bearing, coupled with grease ports to ensure the Highlander is ready for the worst weather conditions. An innovative cable channel keeps the brake/gear cables external for ease of fitment and maintenance while concealing the cables to highlight those oh so clean lines!

  • 18t chain idler - completely silent with twin outboard fully sealed bearings with grease
  • injection ports.
  • 126 link chain - commonly available with no need to join chains.
  • Sealed bearings - high quality double row, angular contact max fill bearings.
  • Grease ports - fitted to all pivot and idler bearings in the name of riding all winter!
  • Cable gutter - clean lines and easy maintenance.
  • Frame protection - bonded rubber frame protection from rock strikes and chain slap.
  • 2.8” tyre clearance
  • Boost 148
  • Threaded BB
  • Water bottle compatible
  • Accessory mounting points

How To Buy

Now available to order at, the Highlander is offered as a frame only with a choice of shocks and build components. Sizes M and L are now available with XL and S planned shortly. Starting at £2750 GBP (~$3550 USD) and coming with a lifetime warranty and crash/damage replacement policy. Shipping is available worldwide.


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