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Dainese and Canyon Factory Racing Together for the 2018 and 2019 Seasons

DH and EWS action on the menu as the Italian protection specialist teams up with the fast boys and girls of Canyon Factory Racing.

INTERVIEW - Marco Pastore, Dainese Racing Director

What do you think Dainese and Canyon have in common? 
From communication style to the product philosophy I consider Dainese and Canyon very close. Our products are performance driven. Dainese's mission is very clear: to improve and promote safety in dynamic sports. Believing strongly in our products and working with athletes is a focal point for both Dainese and Canyon and the factory teams are the fullest expression of this philosophy.

Dainese has always worked with great champions: what does their feedback contribute to product development?

Pushing the product to its limit is extremely helpful to product development. The feedback from pros is processed and translated into product development, which is immediately offered to the market. Dainese pioneered this in mountain biking: we introduced protection and have worked with the great champions for three decades. 

Dainese has kitted out and protected many world champions and their feedback has certainly inspired our R&D to surpass itself day in day out and always offer new solutions, in terms of technology, comfort and performance. 

Without the support of our champions we would not have been able to offer such innovative products as the legendary Viking suit, an icon of the past, or the Rhyolite Safety Jacket, which today is a benchmark in terms of both ergonomics and safety.

For the first time Dainese is also supporting an EWS team. Why?
Enduro is exciting because it delivers extreme performance on trails that are very rugged, but that can be ridden by amateurs. The downhill is the most extreme, which is why it is still compelling, continuing to fascinate millions of people, but people immediately relate to the enduro. Bikes, outfits, trails... there are many points of contact. Moreover, the combination of descent and ascent brings us back to the first golden age of MTB; in a certain sense, enduro represents the essence of MTB.

What are the aims of the partnership?

To inform and enthuse people by sharing passion. At the same time, the partnership will be strongly focused on the development of innovative, field-tested and high-performance products. We are convinced that this partnership can be extremely fruitful and we look forward to working alongside the guys in the race fields, pursuing our mission.

What do skis, bicycles and motorcycles have in common?
There are many aspects, but speed definitely unites the three worlds. Every minute detail can make a difference. Danger can be just around the corner and Dainese is proud to dramatically limit the degree of risk. Feeling protected helps athletes to give their best, pushing themselves closer to their limits. This often translates into exceptional results in cycling, skiing and motorcycling.

Why is Dainese so committed to racing? What do races represent for the company?
Racing is in Dainese's DNA. It all began in the 1970s when Lino Dainese decided to manufacture riding suits. It quickly became a reference point for champions and amateurs around the world. In the 1990s, Dainese also began to protect skiers and mountainbikers and immediately decided to develop its products in partnership with the athletes. Racing is pure: the fastest wins, the best product contributes to victory.

What was your first impression when you walked into the company for the first time?
At Dainese you immediately experience the passion for sport. Innovative ideas are part and parcel of the daily agenda. At the same time there is the brand and its history, with the great champions who have accompanied the company on its adventure since 1972. These are all factors that make us proud to be part of it. 

What do you think the future holds for Dainese?
Dainese is a dynamic company and the mission is clear. Every year new projects are launched and we always pay attention to the final consumer, aiming to protect them, so they can be active in sport, but also in everyday life in the utmost safety. This is why I strongly believe in the company's potential and in the continuation of the growth trend of recent years.

Does Canyon Factory embody this evolution?
Canyon Factory is a key partner to give even more focus to Dainese’s mission, but also to their own. We are talking about different products, but with the same purpose; to achieve the maximum at all times. That is why we believe we can set out on a long journey together.

INTERVIEW - Gabe Fox, Canyon Factory Racing Team Manager, Fabien Barel, Canyon Factory Racing Project Leader

When did you met the Dainese people first?
FOX: “It was great to sit down with Dainese during our first camp of the season in Nice and understand the importance which Dainese puts on rider safety.

We spent to time going through all of the pieces and checking the fit and features with the riders. They really take pride in designing the best protection and listening to what the riders need to make the best product out there.  Dainese has a massive racing history and it’s great to be part of it.”

BAREL: “I met with the Dainese crew in Finale Ligure for the last round of the EWS last October. Right away from our first discussion, I felt a mutual interest and mutual possible synergy.” 

Why Dainese? What do Dainese and Canyon have in common?

FOX: “Both Canyon and Dainese take pride in what they produce and put a value on technology and design.  So the two brands are a natural fit together.

Dainese also puts a huge importance on rider safety, which is shown with all the testing their products go through.  It’s also pretty cool to be part of their recent push back into the forefront of gravity racing.”

BAREL: “The two brands are based on high quality and high technology product. Their overall communication, their standards are quite similar and this will build with not doubt a strong partnership.”

Considering the early products of the past, how do you see the development of the the gear? Will you work together with Dainese to develop the future products?
FOX: “Yes, we have already started working with Dainese on some new products.

The relationship is off to a very positive start and it will be great to see what we can achieve together.”

BAREL: “The collaboration is not a simple sponsorship. We will build a collaboration at a brand level where we will share a lot of our experiences and support each other. Product development is obviously part of it.” 

If you have to think about DH gear. Which are the essential characteristic of a good product?

FOX: “Of the clothing side of things it is always a balance between fit and looks, and Italians have this on lockdown. On the protection side of things, it is all about safety.  

Dainese has a huge history in not only bicycle protective gear, but also Moto GP and alpine skiing where the consequences are very high.  So I am confident that our guys will be covered.”

BAREL: “We will look at rider protection at first but we will want something light and very flexible for performance as well. It is a key compromise to a great product with obviously the right fit!”

Which is your favourite Dainese product? Why?
FOX: “The team kits for 2018 are looking amazing!”

BAREL: “The Trail Skins 2 are great! The technology of the protective is so light and comfortable that you actually ride with a great comfort. This is pretty unique for a complete armour to be able to do so.”

Safety and performance are pretty linked. Can you describe the way having a proper equipment help the riders give the best? Do apparel and protectives demand the same level of development of the bikes?
FOX: “I am a firm believer of partnering with people who share the same vision as you. From the get go Dainese has been very receptive to the riders’ needs.  Obviously, the fit of the gear gives the riders the most amount of mobility on the bike, while knowing the value that Dainese puts on safety gives the riders confidence in the case of a disaster.

Dainese goes through the process to get all their safety equipment certified so this shows there is a lot of development that goes into their products.”

BAREL: “For sure that the rider equipment is really important and part of the rider success. With all the points mentioned above. It is clear that with all Dainese Technology, we will have the support and development needed to suit our riders.” 

Which are your goals for this season for both DH and enduro?
FOX: “On the DH side of things I know we have assembled a great program with 2 top 10 overall riders from 2017. Troy tasted victory again and I know he wants it more than ever. Moreover, Mark has made significant strides to becoming a regular in the top 10. This year we added a JR and he was a great fit within the team, so I am fired up for the season to start.”

BAREL: “As Canyon aims, we will all give our best to be number 1. Winning is part of our genes and we will do our best to do so.” 

Which are your dreams for the upcoming season for DH and enduro?

FOX: “Dreams are free…But if you are talking dream, win everything.”

BAREL: “I would say that my dream is show the talent of the group of people we all are. Giving it all during racing, Pushing, Failing, victories.... With a big smile on our faces. 

This is racing; this is mountain biking and what we love!”

Calendar: are you curious about any races in particular?
FOX: “I am looking forward to going back to some of my favourites. Val Di Sole, Leogang both are great venues for a race and of course Andorra after Troy’s win in 2017.”

BAREL: “I believe they all will be a challenge and all will be super interesting.” 

What are your goal working together with Dainese?
FOX: “Make the best fitting and best looking kits out there.”

BAREL: “I am looking at a strong collaboration where to 2 brands pull each other higher. Canyon and Dainese are both strong in their categories. The potential of this relationship is high and I imagine we will do great! Stay tuned on the upcoming season.” 

Press Release:

Vicenza, February 21. Dainese and Canyon Factory Racing, one of the leading teams in international mountain bike racing, announce their Partnership for the 2018 and 2019 seasons of the Downhill UCI World Cup and the Enduro World Series.

Troy Brosnan, Mark Wallace and Kye A’Hern will fly the flag for the Italian brand, wearing products from the HG line during their Downhill races, as well as Armoform knee guards and Rhyolite chest guards. For EWS, we will see Ines Thoma, Joe Barnes, Florian Nicolaï and Dimitri Tordo competing with Dainese protections such as Trail Skins 2 knee guards.

As per tradition, Dainese uses the racetracks to develop and test its new products, making its R&D department available to the world's best athletes.

“In terms of communication style and product philosophy, I believe Dainese and Canyon are very similar,” says Marco Pastore, Dainese Racing Director. “Our products are destined to perform. The Dainese mission is very clear: To advance and promote safety in dynamic sports. A strong belief in our products and in collaborating with athletes is a focal point for both Dainese and Canyon.”

The shirt is made entirely of technical material, for an athletic fit and sleek look. Elastic at the wrists prevents the sleeves from being affected by wind when descending. It was developed specifically to respond to the needs of Downhill World Cup riders, who always look for maximum performance.

Expressly designed for Downhill, the HG 1 Pants combine resistance, elasticity and comfort. What makes these pants unique is the use of Ripstop and SuperFabric®, fabrics engineered to resist the worst traumas resulting from sliding and abrasion through the application of ceramic micro-spheres directly onto the fabric.

Gabe Fox, Team Manager for Canyon Factory Racing, highlights the two brands' shared objectives, “Both Canyon and Dainese are proud of what they produce and place a high value on technology and design. They are therefore two complementary brands that naturally form a great duo.”

With the technical support of Dainese, Brosnan is fully committed to succeeding in the World Cup and Downhill World Championships, while Wallace and A’Hern aim to prove themselves and debut among the top riders in the discipline.

Thoma, Barnes, Nicolaï and Tordo will compete in the Enduro World Series, looking to improve on the excellent results obtained in 2017.


Founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, true to its mission of advocating and delivering safety in dynamic sports, the Company designs advanced protective head-to-toe gear for motorcycling, winter sports, cycling, horse riding and sailing. In 2007 Dainese acquired the iconic premium sport helmet manufacturer AGV, established in 1947. The new Dainese Settantadue brand, established in 2017, reinterprets the design of historic garments that are a part of the stylistic heritage of the Group, with a contemporary twist. Dainese and AGV products represent the technology frontier in the field of protection for dynamic sports and are used by the world's top athletes including Valentino Rossi and Emirates Team New Zealand.


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