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Cotic Introduces Mullet Build Option on All Droplink Bikes 2

RocketMAX, Jeht and FlareMAX can now be ordered and built with mixed wheels.

Today we launch our 'mullet' mixed wheelsize option on all our Droplink full suspension bikes. Pairing a 29er front wheel with a 27.5" rear to give more wheel clearance in steep terrain, and a more playful feel on the trail than a full 29er bike. Having more room to move over the bike and minimising that unpleasant meeting of back tyre and shorts is a good thing, especially for shorter riders.

The new Cotic Mullet option is fitted in our otherwise stock 29er droplink bikes; the RocketMAX, Jeht and FlareMAX - with a Works Components 1 degree angleset installed to correct the geometry. As such, it is simply a build kit option on any of our full suspension models. When you fit a smaller rear wheel wheel to a 29er bike, the BB drops about 10mm, and the head angle slackens nearly 1 deg. By installing the angleset to steepen the head angle again, this also acts to lift the BB up too.

You can compare the geometry changes on the Jeht 140/150 trail bike in the geometry tables below.

More information about each bike can be found here:

We've done a lot of testing to make sure we're happy with the setup and what it offers. Whilst we've had riders from 5ft 4in to 6ft 3in try the option out on various Cotic's, Brand Ambassadors and bike riding wizards Chay Granby (ex-team racer) and Wayne Coates (owner of Chamonix MTB mountain bike holidays - try not to hate him too much) both did extensive testing on the RocketMAX enduro bike in mullet form:

"...for some riders, just to have that smaller back wheel to give more room on the very steep stuff, whilst still having the improved rollover on the front felt great. The end result was I loved it. It's certainly still fast and just lets you be that bit more nimble when required." - Chay Granby

"I feel I can move the bike around a lot easier, muscle it and drift in to corners with more ease and predictability. I couldn’t tell you if its a faster set up but I’m puzzling less and that means I’m having more fun." - Wayne Coates - Chamonix MTB

The Mullet option is offered with Hope wheels in your choice of hub colour and rim spec, WTB or Wolfpack tyres and - of course - the Works Components angleset appropriate to the frame size. Complete bikes start from £3559 for the FlareMAX Taiwan Series due in January. Bikes with UK made frames start at £3859 for FlareMAX and £4309 for the Jeht due to only having higher spec suspension in stock for the Jeht right now.

As you might imagine, exact specs are somewhat fluid right now, but we have some FlareMAX UK edition and RocketMAX frames in stock, and Jeht UK edition frames in production for delivery January '22. Taiwan FlareMAX and Jeht are due in early '22. Hope wheels are around 5 weeks lead time, but the Deore drivetrains and all our suspension options are in stock. We can also supply frames with the angleset installed correctly for a DIY Mullet build, and the option works on some of our older bikes too - but please email for advice on that first. 

You can learn much more about the Mullet idea and our development, plus more detailed thoughts from Chay and Wayne here:, and you can order your Cotic Mullet Droplink bike or frame here:

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