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Commencal USA Moving to Golden, Colorado 1

After three strong years in SoCal, the good times in Carlsbad are coming to an end as COMMENCAL USA is transferring the HQ to Golden, Colorado!

Our original Carlsbad base was instrumental in getting the ball rolling in the US as we started our direct salesjourney on a whole new continent.

When we came to the US, we knew we needed to be international and California supported our vision and mentality.

Many have helped us along the way there which we fully appreciate and of course, we’ll miss being conveniently located close to our key US riders Kyle Strait (who’s been with us from the beginning), Luca Cometti and more recently, Bruce Klein.

The gateway to the Rockies offers world class riding and a very passionate MTB culture with small town friendliness where we hope to get involved in the community and laid back lifestyle.

Across Colorado there are trails for all appetites thanks to several bike parks and an ever-growing local race scene split between DH and big mountain enduro.

There’s miles and miles of epic single track adventures to be had and we can’t wait to discover more around our new home. It’s the perfect training ground for all of our athletes to come together.

From more of a business angle we're looking forward to improving across all areas within the US market, providing the best consumer direct service out there.

Our new place offers a central shipping location and we’re hoping that visitors to our showroom will play a big part in the success of our fresh location.

Everyone who would like to talk mountain bikes is welcome, come see us!

*To make the move happen our Californian doors are now closed but they will re-open in ColoROWDY on April 2nd!*
> Contact us: +376 73 74 81 or

on orders of

> for purchases over 50€ for France
> for purchases over 150€ for Europe
> for purchases over 350€ for the rest of the world

If you have questions or need some advice, you can call us at
+376 73 74 81 (COMMENCAL Europe)
+1 (760) 448 5749 (COMMENCAL USA)
+1 (604) 389 9569 (COMMENCAL Canada)
+61 7 3216 7811 (COMMENCAL Australia)
+64 3 443 1717 (COMMENCAL New Zealand)
+1 (800) 890 9775 (COMMENCAL Mexico)
+33 2 62 33 70 45 (COMMENCAL La Réunion)

or email us (COMMENCAL Europe) (COMMENCAL USA) (COMMENCAL Canada) (COMMENCAL Australia) (COMMENCAL New Zealand) (COMMENCAL Mexico) (COMMENCAL La Réunion)

Remember that you can also find us online on for the latest news, to discover our new models and the best offers of the COMMENCAL Store!


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