Commencal Introduces the All-New Furious

Look at it, in the garage, with an air of California Dreamin’. The elegance. With its new lines, even cleaner, more modern and vibrant. You imagine being in the Alps, Utah or on the Sunshine Coast. You think of a sunset, a light warm breeze or the sound of crashing waves. Enjoy the calm. As long as there’s still time.

Because once behind the handlebars you’re not the same anymore! You’re launching into that freeride line you’ve always dreamt about. Dirt is getting roosted and berms are being destroyed. Finally after all this time, your whips look like whips. You listen to Peewee Longway or Nekfeu in your headphones. You feel powerful, unstoppable, fearless. They say you have an insolence and arrogance about you. That’s just how things are now.

This FURIOUS features several new points of evolution compared to our last model, notably with a frame that’s modernized in many ways. It’s more dynamic, playful and stiffer than the previous, without losing the simplicity that characterizes it. The FURIOUS remains easy to handle. The new frame has been unanimously approved by all our riders during multiple tests in Vallnord Bike Park, Andorra.

For this new frame we chose to use Aluminium 6069. It’s a superior quality of alloy and with a longer life expectancy than the 6061 version. The workings of the suspension and the geometry have been optimized and many details have been improved for a better all-round finish.


The frame is now stiffer to enable more precision during those steep and technical sections in the bike park, compressions and big air landings. However, we wanted to keep the bike easy to ride in rough areas. This stiffness is perfected to combine precision and ease of handling.


Two anchor positions are available for placement of the rocker. They are easily changeable.

Key points of the system:

  • Independently uses a spring or air shock without having to compromise.
  • Choose between two operation modes; grip (sensitive) or dynamic (responsive).

In other words, ride a bike that’s typically a bit more DH orientated or bike park/jump orientated. Or just adapt it to your level. The two curves themselves are more linear than the previous FURIOUS for better ground contact (the tyre/ground contact is truer) and for more comfort through the travel. It’s now possible to ride with lower SAG and without being uncomfortable.


The cable passage rubber frame protectors at the top of the down tube double up as silicon memory foam fork bumpers. Even with the inevitable repeated impact of the dual crown fork on the bumpers, they will always return to their original form.

As with our other platforms, the silence of the bike is essential for us. A double density, grooved chain stay protector as seen on the SUPREME DH (the precursor of this trend) is tasked with reducing chain noise on the chain stay.

The FURIOUS is equipped with a protector on the down tube so there’s no worrying about rock paint chips. For those who transport their bike in a pick-up, a glued piece of protection prevents any damage to the down tube. The cable passages are optimized; the cables are easier to install and are effectively kept in place by FURIOUS-specific parts. The rear swing arm, now in two pieces instead of three, takes on more stiffness. This means a reduction of the stresses on the shock and at the same time it makes it lighter. The seat post, in addition to being aesthetically more pleasing, offers a greater insertion range of the post into the frame. The entire frame uses smooth welding (soldered) for even more perfect results!


The chain stays have been shortened to 435mm. The bike is even easier to place where precision is important and easier to rotate etc.. Despite the changes it’s been possible to maintain good grip on the lean and overall resilience of the bike.

The reach is lengthened to match the 40mm stem that we ride on the bike. There’s more room to move on the bike and steep sections are more controlled and enjoyable. The shorter chain stays and shorter more direct stem compensates for the increased stability and provides better trajectory through tighter sections.


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