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Cascade Components Does Something Evil 7

Marching onward and expanding its "offerings", Cascade Components releases its Evil Offering link.

Our collection of linkages has been expanded to include another PNW brand. We are proud to announce the Cascade Components link for the Evil Offering. Already a capable and playful bike, these traits are enhanced with the addition of the Cascade Components link. The link increases progression to 35% and increases travel to 145mm. The primary focus of the link is to tweak the leverage curve for improved mid-stroke support, bottom out resistance, and small bump sensitivity. Along with this, the curve has been smoothed out to remove the linear mid-stroke portion of travel. These changes keep it glued to the ground when you need it while also improving support when jumping, slapping berms, and boosting every side hit in sight. When you come back down to earth the ramp up keeps you from becoming too friendly with your bottom out bumper.

The Offering link comes in black, silver, and orange

The Cascade Components link is a perfect fit for anyone looking to better balance bottom out resistance and small bump sensitivity or looking to run a coil. This link is not coil specific, however. This balance is something that no combination of volume spacers, shock air cans or compression tunes can replicate. Not all trails can be shuttled, so the ability to pedal the bike is unaffected, allowing you to push your limits with long days on the trail.

Specs and Details:

  • 145 mm of travel
  • Progression increased to 35% compared to 23% with stock link
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
  • Colors: Black, silver, orange
  • Cost: $249 USD

Alex sliding his Offering through a turn

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