RESULTS: Loudenvielle DH World Cup Semi-Finals

Improving conditions made for inspiring racing!

Finals day dawned in Loudenvielle, and we all breathed a sigh of relief as the track conditions improved enough to be to the liking of the organizers - we hate to imagine how the juniors felt watching the semi-finals get underway after their race was cancelled yesterday. The elite women were all able to lay down more or less clean runs this morning, and the front-runners showed us that we were in for a good day of racing as they were able to push for speed and hit their lines. Vali Höll left little doubt as to her intentions, finishing a massive 6 seconds ahead of Nina Hoffman and 12 ahead of Tahnee Seagrave.

As the elite men dropped in, the track was getting drier and rougher by each run. The first riders clearly left a lot of time in the flatter top section as it was still a bit wet when they set off, so watch out for them to improve in the finals (Jackson Goldstone went relatively early, for example). The top ten were all separated by less than 5 seconds, and to make the top-30 finals group you had only 8 seconds to play with. The stage is set for an epic battle in the finals!

2023 Loudenvielle Downhill World Cup Semi-Finals LIVE REPLAY


2023 Loudenvielle UCI DH World Cup Semi-Final Results - Elite Women


2023 Loudenvielle UCI DH World Cup Semi-Final Results - Elite Men

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