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Simple Tricks?

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1/30/2011 3:21 PM

Can anyone tell me how to do any simple tricks while jumping?


1/30/2011 8:01 PM

There are a bunch of threads on Vital BMX. Check these out for starters:,25


2/2/2011 6:08 PM

I don't know how far along in the learning process you are, but what I always tell people to do is to just move the bike in the air to get comfortable. Even if that starts with the turn bar or the classic goon air the "Jammin Salmon", once you feel good doing something, anything, other than straight airs, the rest will come. You must develop some "Steez" and flow before you can make even the simplest trick look anything other than awkward. After that, tables, whips and X-ups are the natural progression.