Sam Hill's Injury

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From the Monster site:

Monster Energy’s Sam Hill can ride down the side of a mountain on a bike faster than anybody in the world. Think of it: There’s only one other sport (World Cup ski racing) and one other guy (Didier Cuche) that can lay claim to King of the Mountain like Hill can.

Consistently the marquee event in men’s (and women’s) UCI World Cup MTB competitions held around the globe, Hill has laid claim to the title of mountain biking’s King of the Mountain three times – 2006, ’07 and ’09 - in his relatively short professional (or “elite” as it’s called in WC MTCool competition career that began in 2003 at age 18.

Based out of Western Australia, Hill’s quite well known in his homeland, earning the Junior Australian MTB Cyclist of the Year Award in 2003 and received the Australian MTB Cyclist of the Year Award in 2004, ‘05, ‘06 and ‘07.

Charging down mountainsides for the Monster Energy/Specialized team again this year, Hill’s on the rebound to start the UCI World Cup MTB DH season in Maribor having suffered a torn ACL – and dealt with the subsequent surgery to repair it – during the key months of his training. The tough Aussie insists it’s just a minor setback and is looking forward to getting back after the competition here in a few short weeks.

Monster Energy: Sam! What’d you do over the winter that might have had a ‘Monster level’ of excitement?

Sam Hill: I had a pretty sick party back in October, there were heaps of people buzzing off Monster/vodka slushies and doing stupid things so that was pretty cool.

Monster Energy: You back on the Specialized bikes this year, same set up as 2009’s title bike?

Sam Hill: Yeah I think so, I’m really happy with the Specialized and think its an awesome bike but you never know - they might work on something to make it better. Specialized is a type of company that always wants to improve on things, so I’m sure they are working on stuff … though we’ll have to wait and see.

Monster Energy: Did you do anything different with your off-season training for 2010? Take us through one of your training days.

Sam Hill: I have actually been pretty bummed about the important part of the off season this year, I was just getting back into training and snapped my ACL so I have had surgery and just going through the rehab to get it back as fast as I can.

Monster Energy: UCI World Cup DH season opens next month in Maribor. You placed 2nd there last year. With only six races on the WC DH schedule this year, how important is it to get off to a solid start?

Sam Hill: Yeah its going to be really important. I have won there two times before and was a bit injured last year, so I feel its a good track for me to do well on and I want to try take advantage of it.

Monster Energy: Last year you and Greg Minnaar brought it down to the last race with you winning the overall World Cup title by nine points. Minnaar back as your main competition this year? Who else will challenge?

Sam Hill: I think the tracks this year suit some of the newer group of riders coming through because they are a bit more technical. I’m sure all the usual big names will still be at the top, but I think there will be some newer faces getting up there as well.

Monster Energy: How’s your Monster teammates looking as we head into Maribor?

Sam Hill: The team this year is pretty strong I think, I am hoping to defend my title and try win the world championships, they are my goals. Brendan (Fairclough) is back and I’m sure with more experience he will hopefully have a consistent year and get many podiums. Then Troy (Brosnan) is young and excited so that should be a good thing and he should get some good results.

Monster Energy: What advantages do you feel you possess over the rest of the field – things that allowed you to win your third World Cup title?

Sam Hill: I think I just always want to win and I’m not really happy with anything else so I push myself hard. I also am confident on technical tracks so that helps.

Monster Energy: Which stop on the UCI World Cup tour is your favorite (and why)?

Sam Hill: I’m not sure … usually Schladming just because its steep and technical. I have always done good there as well. Unfortunately we are not going there this season so I am most probably looking forward to Champery (Switzerland) because it’s so steep.

Monster Energy: When you stack it all up, what will it take to defend your 2009 overall title this year?

Sam Hill: I think consistent results and trying to get as many wins as possible. Also making no mistakes so I don’t give up any ground.

Monster Energy: Thanks for your time, Sam. Any parting words for the Monster Army?

Sam Hill: I just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years and the fans, its awesome to have someone back you at the races.

For more information on UCI World Cup MTB racing, link to:

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5/5/2010 9:34am
he has only won 2 world cup titles. Steve peat won in 06'

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