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History Lesson: Old Stuff.

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8/26/2010 9:13 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:19 AM

I don't know anything about the people behind this video but it's a pretty cool slice of history. There's full rigid to full suspension in this video and plenty of riding straight into trees. I wouldn't do any of this on those bikes.

Also, Warner music is run by a bunch of assbloods that removed the music from this so crank up your favorite jam and watch history.


8/26/2010 11:03 AM

So good to see the roots!...back when the only thing I knew about the shore was from a Norco review in MBA..I didn't even know where BC was. Don't forget these guys were dragging around a big honkin' VHS camera or at best Hi8.

Now try to figure out what the trails are!


8/26/2010 1:46 PM

Awesome History! These guys riding full rigid bikes with the seats up make all the full sus, slammed seat guys today look like total wimps. Also gotta love all the lycra!


8/26/2010 8:24 PM

Love it. Back in 1998, when yahoo was brand new, I was searching random (non-porn) things on the internet in my HS library. I searched for "extreme mtn biking" and a web page came up about the extreme mtn biking going on in the north shore of vancouver. The page was run by this other highschool kid named Haruki. I started emailing him and telling him how sweet the mtn biking looked and if I came up there, would he show me around?

So my buddy and I drive all the way up there from Novato, CA and at the border, they ask us, why are you visiting Canada, we said proudly, "to Mountain Bike!" The lady looked at us weird and let us in.

Haruki hooked us up with Noel from a bike shop in Surrey, I forget the name, but I remember he had a sweet full suspension Cannondale Raven? I think it was. I was on a XC Cannondale M300 I think, with a Judy 80 up front.

At the trails, everyone would see our CA plates and were amazed that we drove all the way up there to ride their trails.

Noel and Haruki were awesome. I remember looking down the trail and not even knowing where the heck the trail went. Noel would go, "OK, ride up over that log, on top of that rock, wheelie drop on to that other log and then drop onto that slope"

Our mtn biking abilities and our ideas of what could be done on a bike shot up that week.

I lost track of Noel, but obviously Haruki has grown to become a world renowned mtn bike photographer that travels the world documenting this awesome sport.

Thank you Noel and Haruki for showing me some "extreme mtn biking!"


8/27/2010 3:23 AM

man, it takes you back!! I remember in like 1989 riding my rigid Emmelle and Marin bear valley's MTB cross the woods and mud, down towpaths, forest trails and anything else that y bmx wouldn't have allowed... does sure make me think how lucky kids are nowadays to come into the world of mtb with full 8 inch travel and active pivots and adjustable geometry---jesus, i didn't have anything but pad brakes or quick release seatposts---what you set in the morning was what you got for the day ...... unless you carried fanny packs which were quite fashionable , even to kids back then hahahaaaaaa...

thank god for progression of he sport we love!!