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Hard Crashes: How Do the Pros Survive?

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8/8/2012 5:05 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:21 AM

I've been watching the UCI DH World Cup this year, and I'm amazed at some of the massive crashes. Even more amazing is that most of the riders get back on the bike and race out the rest of the course.

I've been riding for a long time, but I feel for certain that if I endured most of the crashes by the pros, I'd need the airlift out.

Aside from actually avoiding crashing, what techniques do the pros use to avoid injury during a crash? I wear my armor, try to keep my arms in, and to roll with it, but is that all?


8/8/2012 12:33 PM

Most pros are in phenomenal shape, which is huge for injury prevention.


8/8/2012 8:53 PM

I'm sure another thing that we witness while watching events is that adrenaline will mask a lot of the pain. I can't imagine how emotionally demanding and how much andrenaline must be pumping through those guys bodies when they literally hurl themselves down the hill at that speed. When we see them crash in a race run, only to get right back up, I'm sure a lot of that is the andrenaline yelling "GO GO GO GO GO!"


10/2/2012 4:18 AM

Adrenaline and shape... but if you practice a lot, ride hard for many years you/ your bode will learn how to survive big crash.


10/2/2012 5:22 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:22 AM

It's all about having the best doctors,guys.

I broke/dislocated my right elbow 10 years ago,my cheap federation insurance didn't care that much about me and I was left with a limited arm at the age of 28.
Being fit and knowing how to crash definitly helps,but if you don't have a good doctor to get your 5h1t together,tough luck.


26 years in the woods