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Foes FFR Dual-Damper Seen at Bootleg

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1/16/2016 1:14 PM


Steve Wentz, one of Vital's testers and good friends, is racing the Bootleg event this weekend and saw this dual-damper (or 2-stage) Foes FFR out in the wild with a FOX DHX2. Pretty cool to see.

We saw it at Sea Otter in 2014, but for some serious plowing at Bootleg, this bike looks interesting.

Here's the scoop Brandon Turman got in 2014 on how it works - Speaking with Brent Foes, he told us that the goal of the system is to increase negative travel, helping to keep the rear wheel on the ground more often. This will, in theory, provide more traction and better braking. Much like the trophy trucks with ample negative travel that Brent has spent plenty of time working on, the rear wheel should be able to follow the contours of the ground much better with this design.

Brent achieved this by incorporating two shocks into the linkage - a traditional Cane Creek DBair and a custom made 1-inch stroke shock that is only active when the Cane Creek is fully extended. The bike has 8 or 9-inches of travel via the DBair and the single pivot linkage PLUS and additional 3-inches of bonus travel that comes via the second shock. The second shock is actuated by a few small links connected to the swing arm. Accessing the full 12-inches of travel is only possible when the bike is unweighted and the rear wheel can drop down.


1/16/2016 2:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/16/2016 2:33 PM

I remember seeing this at Sea Otter too. 230+70mm of travel, I heard. I'm more interested in their Mixer and hope to hear Vital's post-trail-thrashing opinion on it sometime soon.


1/16/2016 4:58 PM

I like it. There have been a couple of other two shock bikes and the V10 has always been about negative travel. But I trust Brent's knowledge a bit more soundly. And he makes things look good.