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Dirt jump bike

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10/20/2013 2:30 AM

I have found Specialized P.Street 1 '13 and it's cheaper than 2013 Specialized P.26 AM Bike. the frames look same, but first has full gear, while second has only rear brake. So, can the first one, when converted to single speed be used as dirt jumping bike, just like second?


10/20/2013 7:47 PM

Either I'm just confused or you have the bikes mixed up. The P bike probably comes with one gear and only a rear brake. The P 26 most likely has the gears. I'm not familiar with the models, but the most important aspect of a dirt jump frame is it's low stand over. The P street definitely has a low enough stand over. If the P 26 has a similar stand over then either one would be fine. But when you say All Mountain, it sounds like maybe it's more of a higher top tube peadally bike and maybe not so good for jumping.


10/21/2013 6:38 AM


10/21/2013 7:09 AM

Forgive me. I was the confused one. I guess I'm out of date with the current lineup. Your link to the P street didn't work for me but I found some Google Images. From what I saw, and if you want it for dirt jumping, I'd say go for the .26 AM. It has a lower top tube frame and is already set up for jumping. The P Street, which in my memory was a 24" street riding frame but is now more of an AM bike than the 26 AM, seems to have a taller frame, which will just get in the way of your radness.


10/21/2013 8:19 AM