DHX2 early oil seal failure

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5/20/2019 7:24 AM

I rode this shock for less than a month and it spewed oil. I am also not the original purchaser of this shock and I bought it from a Canadian, which Im sure makes it worse.

I took it to a shop and they really wanted to see proof of purchase before starting a warranty claim. I don't feel like paying Fox 200$ to fix something that they should be held liable for.

Has anyone in here tried their hand at rebuilding a DHX2? I'm worried it'll be impossible to bleed.

Otherwise, any good non oem service shops? I really just need an oil change and probably like one seal replaced in the seal head.


5/20/2019 7:53 AM

Try Dirtlabs. They should be able to get you rolling again.


5/20/2019 8:34 AM

I've rebuilt mine twice so far with good results. The first time i changed the shaft length to get more travel, replaced the seals and used a lighter weight oil. I had some experience rebuilding a dhx air and an rc4 coil previously, and this was similarly straight forward. This is the guide I used, https://www.ridefox.com/fox17/help.php?m=bike&id=683 although the one thing I did to make it easier was buy the Avalanche upgraded IFP with bleed port. Its worth the money for sure.


5/21/2019 8:55 AM

Thanks for the link! Im gonna start by rebuilding my monarch then run that while I get busy on the DHX2.


5/21/2019 11:24 AM

Without proof of purchase you are SOL with Fox warranty. I just sent my DHX2 in for warranty for the same thing and they were very uptight about having the receipt and then not very communicative once they got it. Kind of a pain in the ass. There's a guy in Renton, Butter Suspension, that's super knowledgeable. If you want a good opinion you could talk to him.


5/22/2019 2:28 PM

^ Hell yea! Nice to know of a local shop, I'll give him a call and see what he thinks.